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The Importance of Positive Thinking & Gratitude 

We must learn that happiness comes from within ourselves and in turn it is reflected back into us, by the world and universe around us. We are here to develop and grow through emotion and life experiences.

We expand our consciousness by loving and becoming more wise. We have chosen our paths for the purpose of our souls development. Our challenges in life can bring us pain, but through the painful experiences we grow. And with growth comes rich rewards.

When we feel rewarded we glow inside and out, and this creates outer harmony. When we find the beauty and love in the universe and all things and people in it, we start reaping the best reward! We start to live! Love is the most powerful energy in the world and when we learn to love everything and everyone, we are working with the Devine and we are living our true purpose.

This is a good thing, this is where you start to exercise gratitude. And gratitude is a great intent and gets rewarded greatly. Your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs are what makes you, they tell who you are and the things you’re willing to do. All of these things creates intent. This is how you exercise your true souls calling. These are the things that you can manifest into your life.

Your soul is the consciousness that is incarnated as you, the chakras are the main centers (windows) of consciousness of your soul. All 7 chakras have a consciousness of their own. By examining our chakras it is possible to find out what false beliefs and fears we may have that create chaos with our soul. Fears, & comparisons lead to imbalances and conflict within our soul. This can manifest into a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health issue. These issues can reflect into our relationships, careers, and universe around us. By having a spiritual awakening we can start understanding our soul more. Thinking positively can absolutely change our lives and benefit our health in numerous ways. We attract to us experiences that exacerbate our fears until we overcome them. The thoughts that come in our minds maybe effected by a few things. It could be your soul, the Devine guidance, Astrological influences or other peoples thoughts.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article, we would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think about today’s blog? Leave your comments below.

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