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Area of Focus for Each Zodiac- March 6,2020

Hey guys! I’m so excited about doing these articles it can be a lot of fun and very informative all at the same time! In this article I will discuss what each zodiac’s area of focus should be during this time! As many of you already know we are in Mercury Retrograde and that could mean for a lot of us that it’s time to correct some things! Let’s jump right in this weeks edition. I hope you all enjoy this weeks article!

Aries ♈️ - Relaxing

Today you may dream more than usual, you will enjoy today and every moment of it. You are surrounded by many beautiful things, that you may have not noticed before. The universe wants you to let go of negative thoughts during this time and think more positive, treat people gently today, don’t be afraid to have some fun! If someone throws you shade you will not allow this to bother you. The stars ✨ are aligning in your favor! Relax and enjoy this time.

Taurus ♉️ - Personal Development

This is the perfect time for you Taurus to take care of yourself! Don’t miss breakfast, lunch or dinner, prepare and amazing meal and be both present in the moment when you’re prepping and eating the food. The universe is saying that you feed your mind, body & soul. Cultivate gratitude for each calm and peaceful moment.

Gemini ♊️- Relationship

You maybe feeling that you need a short break from your relationship. Perhaps it’s difficult for you to trust your partner during this time and you feel a lot of tension and anxiety between the both of you. The universe suggests that you rethink your relationship and understand what is it that you really need and desire. Think about what the reason could be that you have these feelings, after analyzing the situation you will begin to feel so much better about yourself and your partner.

Cancer ♋️- Calmness

The mirror is like surface of your inner harmony can be broken during this time, by self criticism and destructive thoughts don’t allow them to

during this time. The universe suggests that you keep hold of the way of self assurance and peacefulness. The storm will soon pass and you will sail

into calmer waters heading straight for your goals.

Leo ♌️- Health

Leo it’s time to get focused on your finances the universe advises that you take care of your health. A small

minor back of neck ache can make you suffer during this time. The stars don’t recommend you doing anything strenuous during this time, give yourself time to rest. This will be a great solution for you Leo. Do some yoga 🧘‍♀️ this will definitely help with those aches and you will begin to feel like an entirely new person.

Virgo ♍️- Adaptation

You may have recently cut someone or some situation out of your life for good. This is a tough time for you emotionally. As you get used to things and your new circumstances dont be so hard on yourself. Keep reminding yourself that you made the correct choice and this will uplift your the more you tell yourself. Work through the pain and you will soon feel better.

Libra ♎️- Career

Everything you’ve done and all the steps you’ve taken to reach your current career level and personal life is really working! You can get anything you’ve dreamed about, The universe suggests you do more in your working process, the people around you in high ranks will appreciate you a lot during this time for it! You’re able now to get more followers of your skills, those of

competition will be out of the game, as you sore to the top and move forward!

Scorpio ♏️- Patience

Be very cautious with your emotions today, even if you feel tired or aggravated. Take a deep breath and relax a bit and remember that this too shall pass. Remember that any harsh words you use during this time will

linger on a lifetime. So be mindful of what you say in reaction to another. The universe suggests communicating with others will have you feeling enthusiastic and positive.

Sagittarius ♐️- Career

Everything in your life seems so necessary. When you feel its time to

leave someone or abandon something, you’re usually left puzzled. You really don’t want to let go of anything during this time. Why leave anything behind when you can enjoy them all. The universe says don’t worry about missing out, if you want to enjoy it do so!

Capricorn ♑️-Eating Habits

Devote this day to changing your eating habits, you may have noticed what you’ve been eating as of lately has been causing you some discomfort and health problems. The universe suggests you review your diet and plan your schedule for the week. Fast food and snacks should be avoided during this time.

Aquarius ♒️-Fun

Aquarius you’re so serious that the universe wants you to focus on letting up and having some fun! You’ve been working so hard, so you may have forgotten about relaxation during this time. If you can postpone that meeting, save on important decisions during this time. Let go of your normal routine and seek some entertainment! The universe suggests you go out with friends, and spend some time amongst noisy and fun company today! Once you do this you’ll realize how much you really needed this.

Pisces ♓️- Relationship

It’s time to open yourself up to more pleasant interaction and energy. You may meet someone very interesting today, this person may even help you grow and see the true meaning of love! However you need to have a level of Discernment and distinguish between those fleeting emotions and the ones that are lasting. The universe says this is how you will learn who is truly for you and who isn’t. Be nice to someone today!

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