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Crystal Healing and The Power of Crystal Therapy

Merry Meet Friends,

This blog I wanted to cover the basics of crystals, and why I have built and branded my company around crystals and crystal therapy. As many of you know I am a certified crystal healer and I create crystal magic with the handmade crystal jewelry I design. I have been working with crystals for two years now, and crystals and working with them has changed my life dramatically (no exaggeration). I started off studying about the magic crystals can manifest, and as I studied more I learned how they could be used to heal oneself. This had me wanting to learn more. I begin to incorporate them into jewelry by purchasing cages that some local shops sold. I loved them instantly and had to wear them everyday! I decided I was tired of purchasing the cages that were expensive to keep buying, why not make my own? And that’s when I begin to wire wrap and make them my own. This is just a brief insight on my journey to crystals. I then decided what better way then to build a business and brand around my new found hobby. I absolutely love what I do so much, I incorporated my business around it. I even started taking classes to get my certification in crystal healing! I highlight this because this is how I am now able to educate others on what it is, that is so amazing about crystals. They WORK! Crystals emit their own energy, so crystals are very much alive! They work so much that crystals are used in today’s electronic devices. example: Clear Quartz Crystals are in today’s watches! Crystals emanate such a high and positive energy that anything around them can pick up their frequencies altering them in a positive manner. If you have negative co-workers that always complain and nag, use any black crystal to absorb negative energy. You can put crystals on your desk, tape them under a chair, carry them in your pocket, or my favorite wear them as jewelry. Placing crystals on the appropriate chakras they can balance them, heal diesese or any symptom associated with that chakra. Chakra centers are gateways between various demensions. This is why Crystal Therapy is so important! Disease and illness are proven to be cause and led on by stress, and some illnesses like headaches for example are connected by the digestive system. Using the approprate crystal for that particular illness is essential in crystal therapy. Crystal healing can be approached using the concepts on traditional chinese medicine. Crystals can also be used to make elixers that can be used topically or ingested. Some crystals are toxic and should not be used to make an elixer. Some crystals will dissolve if water touches it. Always ask a professional when searching or trying to find the apropriate crystal to use. I will be starting a crystal therapy session, where I will discuss the anatomy of crystals, what crystals can be used for certain illnesses, and how to incorporate the appropriate crystals in your life so that you are able to get the most benefits from crystal therapy. Follow us on Faebook and our other social media sites so that you are able to get event updates, and other information on crystal therapy.

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