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Full Astrological Reading

Get to Know Yourself On A Deeper Level

  • 4 hours
  • 300 US dollars
  • Email

Service Description

Did you know there are 12 layers to you, that you probably haven't noticed or just don't understand? Did you find that horoscope reading in your email or in the grocery store line, that didn't sound at all like you? Well think of your Sun Sign as just the outer picture of you, and all of the deeper levels more hidden to you as the remaining 11 layers. I can't tell you how often people are truly surprised at how they do not truly know themselves. There are hundreds or even thousands of versions of you, through other people interpretations of you. Your Astrological report is so much more than a bunch of planets rotating around the time of your birth. Your astrological report is your manual to you. These days everything comes with a manual, your smartphone, your tv set, your car, even your vacuum cleaner. Your astrological report not only tells you who you are, it tells what foods that are preferred specifically for your diet, as well as what health issues you're likely experience in your lifetime.

Cancellation Policy

Hello,   Please review our cancellation, rescheduling and late arrival policy    cancellation, rescheduling, and late arrival policy We understand that occasionally you will need to cancel or change your appointment. There is no cancellation fee for an appointment cancelled or re-scheduled at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time. If you signed up for a text or email appointment reminder, you will be given the option to confirm your appointment when you receive it, however, even if you don’t hit confirm you are still booked in for your appointment. The text and email reminders should not be your primary means of remembering your scheduled appointment. We are not responsible should you forget your appointment or mix up the time or arrive late for any reason. Please keep in mind that “no-shows”, late cancellations, late rescheduling, and late arrivals leave our therapists with empty appointment times. We may have had to turn away other clients that wanted that time slot. For this reason, clients that do not honor their appointments will be charged the following late cancellation fees: If you arrive late for your appointment we cannot provide an extension of your scheduled appointment. Depending upon how late you arrive your therapist will determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment. The original scheduled service fee will be charged in full for late arrivals. If you miss your appointment or cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time you will be charged the full rate for your selected service. This charge will be applied to the credit card you provided to hold your appointment when booking. If you make your appointment on the same day as the appointment time or within the 24 hours of the appointment time and you subsequently miss or cancel or reschedule that appointment you will be charged the full rate. This charge will be applied to the credit card you provided to hold your appointment when booking. If your scheduled appointment is within 24 hours and you realize you will be unable to keep it, please call (323)825-9814 or email as soon as possible. If we are able to book your scheduled appointment time with another client, you will not be charged the cancellation fee. If we are unable to fill your time slot, you will be charged the full rate for your selected service. We try very hard to fill your cancelled appointment with another client, so the soone

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Heavenly Butterfly Boutique, Northlake, Charlotte, NC, USA

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