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Oya Waist Beads

Oya Waist Beads

Immerse yourself in the empowering energies of the deity Oya with our versatile Oya waist beads collection. Choose from a single strand adorned with Oya’s name in gold-plated charms or opt for a set that includes two additional waist beads without her name, offering a customizable way to embrace her divine essence on your terms.

Individually handcrafted with a captivating fusion of red, purple, and burgundy hues, each waist bead is a unique piece symbolizing strength, passion, and transformation. Blessed, cleansed, and charged to amplify your feminine energies, these waist beads serve as a tangible connection to the potent spirit of Oya.

Select the single Oya waist bead for a direct invocation of her name and power, or indulge in the set of three to create your own sacred ensemble, combining the adorned centerpiece with two complementary strands. Whether layered together or worn solo, these waist beads are a testament to your inner strength and connection to the mystical realms.

Experience the embodiment of Oya with our versatile waist beads collection, offering you the choice to align with her essence in a way that resonates with your personal journey. Embrace the transformative energy of Oya and adorn yourself with these sacred treasures to awaken your inner power and embrace your divine feminine spirit.

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