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High Vibrational Energy Sprays

High Vibrational Energy Sprays

This full moon has brought in some great energies, and I was able to capture them in our new "Vibrational Energy Sprays". These sprays are made once every Full Moon, so supplies are limited. I use the power of the moon along with essential oils, crystals and powerful herbs to create these powerful spritzers. These high vibrational sprays are sure to cleanse any aura and space. Each spray is made with all natural products. therefore you can spray them on your linens, yourself and in the air as a mist and air freshener. Being that I have to wait once every Full Moon to make these, the supplies are limited, and they sale very fast! So order yours before they are all gone otherwise you will have to pre-order yours until the next batch is made.  
**Every bottle is made to order with intention. Due to this, your bottle may differ slightly in appearance from the one pictured. Each bottle is 2oz but may differ in shape. ** 

Enchanted Love~ Mending Heart- heals and calms the heart chakra after life events and break ups. Helps to call the love you desire into you. This one is VERY strong. 2 tblsp for each bath. 

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, with our new protection aura spray! You can use these for your alter/rituals, your linens, yourself, your clothes or just around your healing space.
With the smell of lemons & other natural essential oils, 3 powerful protection herbs, moon water & Clear Quartz crystals. This spray will uplift your energy, spirits and have you banishing negativity like a pro.

 This spray helps in the following areas:

*Cleanses any and all negative energy,
especially in arguments or fights. 

*Helps in legal matters and psychic/spiritual powers.

* Healing & Purification provides help when faced with hard times or danger.
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