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Why Yoni Steam?

Why Yoni Steam?

Yoni Steam also known as vaginal steaming, is a practice in which a women allows the warm steam to soothe and permeate the exterior of her vagina. Women across the globe have used Yoni steaming for years. Natural holistic healers believe Yoni steaming is an opportunity to reconnect with your body and utilize the wisdom and healing benefits of using plant medicine to heal your cycle naturally.

Yoni steams have been known throughout history to:

•Reduce pain, bloating & exhaustion associated with menstruation.

•Decrease menstrual flow, as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood in the beginning or end of menses.

•Increase Fertility

•Regulate irregular or absent cycles.

•Speed up healing and tones the reproductive system after giving birth.

•Reduces Ovarian cysts,uterine weakness, and reduces uterine fibroids.

•Assists with healing of hemorrhoids

•assists in repairing of vaginal tears, or C-section scars

•eases symptoms of menopause including dryness, or pain during intercourse

•detoxifies the womb and removes toxins from the body.

•releases stored emotions and taps into creative energy.

You can treat yourself to a Yoni Steam in the privacy of your own home!

You can typically see results just after 3 steams!

Yoni steams work to soothe and revitalize your reproductive system!

We order all our herbs from a reputable herbalist. Each Yoni Steam is carefully hand crafted with fresh, potent, premium quality organic herbs. All steams come with a complete instruction booklet.

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