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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a wonderful gift that can change your lives for the better! By becoming attuned to the reiki first degree you are becoming fully & directly connected to this powerful divine healing energy.

Reiki is practiced all over the world by hundreds if not thousands of people. Reiki is also very safe and an effective tool to channel healing energy. The more we use reiki the clearer our channel will become, reiki can be used for everyone of all ages. Once you are attuned to this beautiful healing energy, you are attuned for life! However we must practice reiki on a regular to remain connected. For most after the first attunement, life is a new beginning, a new chapter of thier lives and maybe the start of a new energy.

Reiki isn’t something one of us possesses and others do not, Everyone has access to this amazing gift. For those that pursue teaching or giving reiki, it can become a natural routine and part of their spirituality. The soul is amazing and complex, and the way it interacts with the mind is amazing. Reiki helps us to connect with our soul, its a new beginning to personal growth, and permanent healing. Below I have listed links and information on how to become a reiki practitioner. I hope that you have enjoyed this read!

Love & Light

Teri Taylor CCH, LMRT


Reiki Masters Certification Special

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