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What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is regarded as a time when things tend to go wrong. It marks a three-and-a-half-week period where any important tasks should be postponed.

3-4 times a year Mercury goes into retrograde which means “to go back” or “retreat”. Although Mercury is the planet of slippery wit, fluency, and adaptability, this inner planet is so close to the Sun, and it appears to go backwards, although it’s really not. The retrograde movement of a planet is just an illusion because the earth is orbiting the sun at a different speed than mercury and the other planets.

Mercury isn’t a predictable planet going along it’s normal direct path anyway. But once it goes retrograde, all things ruled by Mercury suddenly begin to get off balance. If you write a lot this is a time to back up, revise all your writings. Any information relayed could be wrong. Mercury is the counterpart of Hermès, the Greek Olympian god, the sky trickster.

When Mercury goes in retrograde it’s not a good time to initiate a divorce or a breakup, as the retrograde is good for strengthening relationships. Relationships that end during this time, tend to end up back together. The temperatures even tend to be tricky with Mercury in retrograde so make sure you double check the weather channel during this time. Electronics such as computers, tablets, phones, etc will tend to act up. Car issues and wrecks will be very high during the retrograde as well. So be very careful traveling to and from during this time. Focus and pay close attention to everything going on around you.

If you have accepted a new job offer, you can expect for it to not turn out as you had originally hoped. This is the time to revise,reinvent, renew, and reconnect. Relax and take some time to re-evaluate all that has taken place before you, and revisit your list of goals as they will need some revising.

Mercury Retrograde Key Dates:

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