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What Is High Vibrational Energy & Dark Matter Energy?

Okay, so I wanted to cover this topic. Because I get so many questions about this more often than a little bit. I will be posting a video in connection with this article very soon so stay tuned for that. y

If you ever have any questions or want to learn more you can attend either of my course lectures or arrange a consultation with me. I will break down each connection to both energies throughout this article so we all get on the same page.

What is dark matter energy?

This is a great question to start with. Asking questions is imperative to our learning journey, it also helps us to remain open-minded as well. And as we all should know being open-minded is important because it frees us from the boxes of restriction and stagnation. This helps us to connect more with people from all walks of life as well. And trust me you can learn so much from one another that it makes your journey a beautiful one.

Now we all know or heard of narcissism and how a narcissist can wreak havoc in our lives and those around us. Keep in mind these are examples of what dark matter energy is. Now a narcissist first never knows their a narcissist until they are diagnosed with it. Think of dark matter energy as a parasite. So narcissism is a dark matter energy, it needs a host in order for it to be effective and for it to spread.

Now think of this parasite as one that can affect multiple hosts at a time. So, now that the "parasite of narcissism" has multiple hosts it can now work its magic on the collective. Everyone in the collective has now had the experience of a narcissist at some point in their lives. This has made it possible for us all to know by now what a narc is. If you don't know what a narc is you can check out my article "Goodbye Narcissist".

Dark matter energy comes in many low vibrational entities, not just narcissism. This is where discernment is required. To know what type of energy you are facing. Otherwise, this is the only way to defeat or conquer it. It's just like 'alcoholism' which is also "Dark Matter Energy".

In order for the alcoholic to defeat this energy he must first acknowledge it. Once confronted it can be released.

What is High Vibrational Energy & How Do You know If You Possess It?

High vibrational energy just feels good, it's that feeling you get when you just accomplished a major goal. Like getting the keys to your new home, losing weight, or putting a down payment on that amazing cruise you've been planning all year. This is where you begin to manifest more. When you are in this state anything is possible, it's like leveling up on your favorite game.

High vibrational energy is what gives us that boost to get things done! Trust me things will just flow when you're in a high vabrational state and you'll just know for sure you got it. If you keep seeing number syncronosities then spirit needs you to listen, because they want you to work on something to get yourself in that state of flow.

If you have dark matter energy lingering around you, things will fall apart and nothing will seem to work. Everything will crumble at the seams almost like when one thing happens another follows. Agressive energy will linger and you'll just feel like something isn't right. This is a clear sign that you need to start doing the required work to lift yourself back up.

What Things Can You Do to Raise Your Vibration?

If you feel you're in dark matter energy, there are a few things you can do to help raise your vibration so you can get on track to opening yourself up to a state of flow.

  1. Get a Reiki Treatment (both distantly and in person).- Reiki is a great place to start not only does it help relax the mind, body and soul. But, it also rotates and aligns all your major chakra points. This required to getting in a high vabrational state. Not only will you think more positively, and your chakras will be more in alignment. But you will also protect your health. If you don't know what the chakras are I have an article on this topic as well.

  2. Get a Crystal Therapy Session- A 15-20 min crystal healing session a week will help to align all chakras as well. In my past articles I have written about the magic of crystals. You can also check that out here as well.

  3. Changing Your Eating Habits.- Changing your eating habits and eating high vibrationl foods not only helps health and weitght wise but it also works on the chakras as well. Check this article out.

  4. Meditation.- Meditation is one of the hardest practices for one to do. However it is a very effective way to heal, align, and rotate all chakras as well as clear the mind and have it in a state of peace.

  5. Yoga.- Yoga is an amazing method to loosing weight, but not only that. It's a great way to awaken the 'kundalini' energy within all of us (this is how I had my spiritual awakening).

I hope this article helped bring enlightment to your questions and if you have any questions about this article or any other article please contact me using the email address below.

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