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Wednesday’s Messages


Wisdom, Knowledge, Spiritual Understanding

The Gaia Card is the most powerful card in the entire deck. It shows that you have or you are gaining a spiritual understanding and connection to the earth, and a deep understanding to life. Gaia the Mother Earth thanks you for your love and consideration you show towards her and the love you have for all living things. She encourages you to gently and loving share your wisdom and knowledge with others. Perhaps you can join with like minded souls to share your message of love or you can do practical things like help and restore balance and wellbeing to the earth and all around you. Including yourself! This isn’t a call to preach to anyone or push anyone into your spiritual light who isn’t ready. Remember you are a beacon of light so remain that way. Share your wisdom and knowledge with only those who are ready to listen and hear it. And who does not fear the earth changes that are taking place, all is unfolding and evolving as it should. All the Mother Earth needs is a little more love. Just as I have shared my knowledge with you, share what you’ve learned with others. As I stated in so many blogs and live videos that 2018 will be a waking year for a lot of people. However some will not get this awakening and that’s fine if they don’t understand yet in time they will. You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make them drink. By waking up to the knowledge and wisdom, you will be able to navigate better in 2018. And this will bring you much more understanding about the years before as well.


I am in communion with Mother Earth

I hear her call

I am grateful for her love

and share her wisdom with others

I am a beacon of light

All evolves and unfolds through Love

I hope today’s Messages give you better insight on where you are and where you are heading in 2018′ I release an abundance of love to you all! Thank you for following and believing in me and the messages I deliver! If you have questions on your personal life and certain aspects of your life, and would like a private reading with me- visit the link below to check out my many amazing products and services.

Love & Light

Teri Taylor aka Spiritual Butterfly “Buttafly”

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