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Wednesday’s Messages


Resurfacing of past feelings and emotions

Bright Blessings, It is said that all that we have is the present. While this is true, it is also true that in essence, past,present and future are one. We are all connected energetically to both the past and future. Life is an evolving story and where we are today is a result of where we have been. This card signifies that your past feelings and emotions are resurfacing from deep within you and you may find yourself on a roll a coaster of emotions during this time. Do not fight this, allow this take place because this is normal. It is important to occasionally remember and honor your past, it is a part of you. No matter how good or bad you perceive it to be, this is a part of your soul’s journey. You are seeking to find growth and this is exactly how you will find it. In some way every experience you have gone through has helped you to expand your understanding and appreciation of life. Occasionally reflecting on your past is healthy, just give some thought to your future. Do not over excessively think about your past, this does not serve a true purpose in your life. It only robs you of your present, think about it to find acceptance so in turn your able to move forward with a new sense of growth. I hope today’s insight has given you much clarity as how to be receptive to change and how to allow the room needed to welcome in growth so that your able to turn a new leaf and start living your life to your full potential. If you have any questions about today’s messages or you would like to have a private reading with me, I welcome you to leave your comments or visit me on my website to book your reading. I wish you nothing but the best in your life! May you become receptive to all the beautiful wonders life has to offer you. Until next time, take care of yourself and everyone around you. Love & LightSpiritual Butterfly

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