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Venus Retrograde 2020

This February 17th-March 9th Mercury will be in retrograde!!!! This is gonna be one of the

easiest of the 3 we will experience this year, because this is Venus Retrograde. If you know anything about Venus, Venus is the planet of love, so you can expect a lot of sensual loving vibes during this times and yes you could be seeing the appearances of ex’s coming in the picture during this time.

Mercury controls relationships, communication, technology and travel. So taking extra caution during this time couldn’t hurt... as usual back up any work done through technology that includes: emails, texts, contracts, essays, etc. Remember to double check those tires, look both ways when driving a lot of wrecks are prone during this time. Get your car serviced and take care of any maintenance before traveling.

Retrograde will go into Pisces ♓️ before it ends in Aquarius ♒️. So you can expect the first half of this 3 week period to go a lot smoother and then once we taper off into Aquarius ♒️ which will bring a lot of miscommunication and this is around the time those ex’s will make those suprise appearances perhaps wanting to retry things or even start over as friends. Remember to protect yourself and take extra caution. In my next blog I will discuss how each sign will be effected individually.

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