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Tuesday’s Messages

Bright Blessings Loves,

Today’s Messages are just as beautiful as 2018 will be for all of us!

Sacred Journey-

Life cycles, Family, Transformation

Life is a physical journey through time and space, yet it is also a spiritual journey that transcends both time & space. Physically we are born of the earth and to the earth we shall return. Yet spiritually we are never born and we never die, we never come and we never leave. This card reminds you that we are each so much more than our physical realities. From our souls perspective this life is just one page in a never ending story book. This is the eternal story of life. We are actors in a movie and we have all chosen a specific role. Each scene is designed for dramatic effect, imagine life with no action or comedy….this would get very boring to us. It is through our Human drama that we expand our knowledge and understanding of love. The different roles we play and the people we meet help us grow. As I always say we need each other so much more than we know. Through drama we all get an understanding of how sacred life is. So thank Your Soul for this journey. Regardless of how bad it may seem. 2017 put a fear in some of us that is hard to break. The hard work is done, accept what you have went through and realize that there is a purpose behind everything! Trust in your journey! Don’t compare yourself or your life’s situations to the next! Not only do you not know the things someone else is going through, but comparison kills the soul.


The role I play in life is transient

I am in essence a being of light

My family members are some of my greatest teachers

All human drama helps me expand my awareness of love

My soul is not confined by time and space.

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