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Tuesday’s Messages

Ocean of Eternal Love

Healing, Creativity, Fertility

Bright Blessings,

The birth of something in your life is taking place as we speak. Something that you have birthed while using your creative energy is becoming a reality. This could be in the form of a new business venture, relationship or friendship. Whatever it is it offers healing with it. It’s a saying that “love conquers all” this is very true for you at this time. Something is resolved for you during this time, it’s healed through love. A seed has been planted, the conditions are favorable, and the timing is right, a new creation awaits you. This birth of something new brings great joy and excitement,the changing seasons of eternity turn their invisible wheel and a new cycle begins. A new image is born. Keep your intentions high and continue to push through whatever obstacles lie ahead. Everything is gonna be alright. If you have questions about today’s card please leave your comments below!


Love heals

Love brings resolution

Love conquers

Love creates

Love is eternal

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Until next time take care of yourself and everyone around you!

Blessed Be

Spiritual Butterfly

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