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Tips to Living a More Positive Life!

Bright Blessings,

I know how hard it is these days to remain positive, with everything you see on the news and TV. That’s why this week I would like to offer a few tips to help you to remain positive and to kick those negative thoughts to the curb. Our minds are sponges and they literally pick up every emotion, every energy, every thought and processes it so much that we begin to do what’s called “overthinking” every thought and emotion is literally multiplied. “What if things don’t work out”, “What if I loose my job, by asking for a raise?” these are just a few of the things our minds process. It’s honestly the worse. Another example of just how powerful our mind is, commercials on tv about autoimmune diseases.

These are diseases that are what I call “self inflicted”. Diseases we bring onto ourselves. Yes, you can “self inflict” sickness into yourself, the foods you eat, stress, your thoughts, not taking care of yourself. All of these things can bring sickness into your life. Sometimes these sickness’s stem on a spiritual level, if your chakras are unbalanced, your thoughts aren’t on a higher frequency. This is why we must take care of ourselves on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

When we hear or see anything, our mind reciprocates every message and sometimes those messages are difficult to decipher or understand. This is why it’s important to be mindful of the energy you allow to consume you(Positive-Negative).

I feel watching those prescription drugs commercials are the worse. They put just a few of the side effects on those commercials along with the symptoms. So now when your ill or under the weather “hypochondriacs” just one of the types of people that begin to stress.

Than those thoughts start to plaque your life. And now our minds and bodies starts to trick itself into illness. This is what we are all trying to avoid. Always remember that when illness strikes, “from the Earth, we shall heal ourselves”

Here’s just a few tips to help you get through those times like this.

6 Tips to Living a More Positive Life!

1.) Be protective of your energy- Stay away from people and situations, that aren’t pushing you to Living a more positive life.

2.) Do Not Watch The News! It doesn’t help anyone to watch the negative things, that the media tends to put a negative microscope on. Even social media is beginning to become negatively tainted. So minimize the use of social media if you can help it. I tend to only use social media for business use. Delete posts that are negatively influenced, anyone that you follow shouldn’t bring negativity into your social space. If they do you should consider deleting them.

3.) Subtract –When you see or hear something, that isn’t conducive to your “positive vibes” mute it, pause it, and delete it right on up and out of your sacred space. Take back your power, it’s yours and no one should be adding negativity in your sacred space. Your here to blossom and evolve, and anything that is hindering that growth doesn’t belong.

4.) Meditate-Meditate-Meditate! This should be made into a daily ritual for yourself. Meditation helps with so much spiritually wise and physically. If you can do at least 10 mins of meditation a day, you would see beneficial results. I hear this often, “I don’t know how to meditate” meditation is a practice that takes some time for most, quieting the mind tends to be the hard part. If you can enroll in a meditation class, and incorporate Yoga stretching into it. Your highly likely to enjoy the benefits.

5.) Listen to your intuition- It’s okay to try and please everyone. No, wait it’s not okay. It’s okay to want to be helpful and nice. It isn’t okay to want to please everyone in spite of your happiness. If it’s something that doesn’t make you feel good about it on the inside, consider something else. It’s okay to say “That’s not for me”. You know that saying “You will know” (lol!) literally you will know! If it intrigues you and you think you may like it go with the feeling your most drawn to! Your intuition is the most powerful tool. Trust it! She’s only guiding you to a more positive, happier outcome. No matter how upsetting it can be at first to say no to someone or something.

6.) Remain Positive- You wanna ask for that promotion at work, you’ve been working so hard, long hours, pulling extra work. And you wanna prove that you are the person for the job. But you don’t wanna seem pushy because your afraid your gonna screw it all up. Now your mind is processing the “What if I loose my job , asking for a promotion”, or “What if I’m seeming ungrateful, and I get fired instead” like a domino effect your mind is racing. “Then I’ll loose everything, and be homeless” okay stop right there. At that rate you’ll never be happy in life. Those are just “what ifs.” What if you think, “it’s no way that I’ll loose my job or this promotion.” And remember your an amazing asset to any company you work for. And if they choose to let you go, it’s there loss. You can build your own company and name with all you’ve contributed to this company who under values you. Count down to 5 and like a rocket go and ask for that promotion. The results are bond to amaze you! I hope these tips work amazing wonders for your life, I know it has for me. If you have questions spiritually and are looking for spiritual guidance and advice. Visit to order a private Soul guidance or Tarot Reading session. While your there check out my reviews and testimonials with real clients. (reviews can be found in the menu tab on the home screen)

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