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Thursday’s Messages (Imbolc Predictions)

👽Winter’s End- Energy🔮

Rebirth- Regeneration- Positive Outcome- Burst of Energy Bright Blessings, Today’s messages are so amazing to me, because back on January 8, 2018 I pulled winters end and today on Imbolc (The celebrating of winter coming to a close and welcoming the rebirth of the Sun God and the regeneration of Mother Earth-Spring). This card was plucked again… I recorded a YouTube video on this today as well. As stated in my 2018 year ahead Prediction I was able to pinpoint a lot of the synchronicity’s which are pretty amazing yet confirming for me and I hope they are for you! The fact the we haven’t seen a blue lunar moon in 150 years and entering into February (Imbolc Season) is even more amazing. I have said this time and time again, so excuse me if it almost sounds like a broken record. The veil is lifting a lot of us are waking up to our True calling. This burst of energy brings in the energy of productivity. This is great for those of us starting new ventures. Remember the full moon is all about new beginnings. These beginnings can come in the form of growth, new health or spiritual ventures, it could be new relationships or new business ventures. Whatever this new beginning means for you it is very likely to be one of a very positive outcome. Being receptive at this time is very important. Being grateful and appreciative of all the many blessings received in your life even if they seemed unpleasant or unseen. Trust that they are there. You just have to silence the fire inside. The best way to tell if your veil has lifted is the fact that you have an open mind. That’s a part of being receptive, if your not as open minded to at least trying to listen. It’s a sign your just not ready to receive your rebirth. Your still on a quest to finding that open receptiveness. Think of it as a light that goes off. If your mind is closed to new information or even seeing the signs and messages that are given to you, how you can you ever receive your glory? This is why having an open mind is so important. As long as you stay inside the box, you can never experience what is going on outside the box. Therefore only trapping yourself further into blindness. If you truly want to gain the healing you so long for you have to answer when it calls, otherwise you will miss the opportunity. This year will be a blessing to a lot of us. And I hope that your ready to receive it.If you have questions about today’s messages please leave your comments or questions below. I would so love to hear them. If you have questions that you would like to ask on a more confidential level about your particular situation please visit me at to schedule an appointment with me. Until next time, take care of yourself and every living thing around you! Blessed Be- Spiritual Butterfly 🦋


Healing energy and immense vitality flow through me easily and effortlessly.

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