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Thursday’s Messages

Jewel Within A Teardrop

Appreciation, Spiritual & Emotional Reconnection

You will soon gain a strong spiritual and emotional bond with another person this could be a family member, a friend, Spiritual Advisor, or an animal . You will also reconnect with your inner most feelings and true nature which has been suppressed or ignored. This is a deeply emotional time we’re tears of sadness transform to tears of joy. Your appreciation for life, love and friendships will strengthen as you give thanks for the many blessings in your life. Love is truly all around you, embrace it, cherish it and honor it, you and those you love unite through a common bond and the love you feel for one another grows stronger and more profound. This is a special and magical time, make sure that you savor each and every moment, Love is all that truly matters. Love is the most powerful energy and emotion that we have, and it can overcome anything.


I am one with my higher self

I am in touch

and in tune with my inner most feelings

I am blessed

I am spiritually connected to those I love

I am loved

I hope that today’s messages have helped you in many aspects of your life. And that you began to see the many blessings that you have to be grateful for. I hope that until our next meeting you all take care of yourself and everyone around you!

Blessed Be!

Have questions about aspects of your life? Or would you like to just get connected with The Gaia or the personal messages from your guides? I encourage you to reach out and Connect with me so that I am able to help answer any questions that you may have about your life.

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