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Thursday’s Messages

Sacred Earth Mother

-A message of love-

Bright Blessings,

We travel an endless corridor of our mind until one day we find a pathway that leads us to our heart. Who you truly are has nothing to do with your personality, your achievements, successes, or failures. You are an actor in a play and your playing a role that your soul has chosen. The essence of you is “soul”- “light” with no beginning or end. You’re an eternal spark of pure creativity and unlimited potential that wants to be expressed and fulfilled. Your potential is your destiny,and it awaits your call. Trust in your heart and apply it’s love and wisdom in all you do. This way all you create or do will be a true authentic expression of your soul. It is living through your truth that creates things of lasting value. Be true to yourself!


I am an essence of light

I am in essence soul

I am pure creative potential

I am guided by my heart

I apply love and wisdom to all I say & do.

I hope today’s message was uplifting to your soul as it was to mine, to get your personal reading Visit My Website or you can email me at for more information!

Blessed Be-

Spiritual Butterfly 🦋🔮

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