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Thursday’s Message

Purification (Water)

Emotional cleansing, Rejuvenation

Bright Blessings,

I took a much needed break to relax and create a new mindset for myself which I enjoyed and truly needed. I have been working myself non stop to get things in order for new Items for the Boutique as well as to welcome new energies for the new moon we have tonight. This is a great time to manifest all your wishes & desires. This is why today’s message is beautiful and very guiding. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and we are simply guided where we are needed to be.

With the card you see above it signifies healing and Rejuvenation which always comes as a result of emotional healing. Emotions are flowing just as the water does, when we are hurt it looks like a storm in the oceans. Deep feelings that you may have thought you already delt with or feelings that you previously resolved seemingly resurface out of nowhere. Don’t be concerned, for a very profound healing is taking place right now. And at the end of this process you will feel so much better after it.

The lady on this card emerges from an ocean of deep waters of her emotions into the light of a new day. She is emotionally cleansed and rejuvenated, she is ready to fully move into her true power. She is free of emotional baggage that she previously carried. Take some time and look at the card and close your eyes and feel the baggage of your life lift away.


I allow all unresolved feelings to surface

I give thanks for the healing that is taking place right now

I am emotionally cleansed

I am free of all emotional baggage

I release all that no longer serves me

What better time for new beginnings than right now on a New Moon?!

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I hope today’s message was as amazing to you as they were to me! I get so excited about these messages. 😍

Love & Light

Spiritual Butterfly 🦋

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