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The Third Eye Pineal Gland

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What is the Pineal Gland?

The Pineal gland (also known as the Third-Eye) is a very small pea-sized endocrine gland that produces the hormone Melatonin. Which is located behind the pituitary gland, melatonin is significant for its effects to change our mood, immune function, and circadian rhythms as well as how much sleep we get. Melatonin is known for its anti ageing effects, and it has anti stress agents which suppresses cortisol which is a powerful antioxidant.

Now that we know what gland produces melatonin, how is it released, and how is the pineal gland activated to begin releasing this amazing hormone?

According to research, the pineal gland is activated by darkness and restrained by light. Once, released the melatonin circulates through the brain and begins the process for the distribution through the rest of the body.

You can usually tell when your melatonin levels are disrupted. You may experience the following:

* Moodswings

* Depression

* other seasonal disorders

Its even connected to the spiritual aspects of life, it has been associated with enlightenment and immortality. Special traditions associate the pineal gland with the activating of the Third Eye.

Activating the pineal gland isn’t a very easy thing to do, however it can be achieved by a few practices. If one is considering activating the pineal gland they may want to consider:


*Detoxing, Cleansing with certain crystals & foods

Here are a few signs and symptoms that you are being called towards your spiritual awakening:

*No longer having the desire to what you once liked to do

*Distancing yourself more from people, and outside influences. (The need for solitude).

*Having a great empathy for others

*Your experiencing and seeing synchronicities

*Your becoming more sensitive to energy

*Your experiencing symptoms of depression & anxiety

*Asking yourself or searching for the answers of “why am I here?”, “what is my life’s purpose?’.

Spiritual awakenings marks the beginning of your spiritual path, with this in mind I would like to make the understanding clear. That spiritual awakenings can be painful, sad, depressing and scary.

My experience was all of those things above in the beginning, I didn’t understand a lot that I was being confronted with. This would later help me release all of the things that no longer served me purpose, and the things that I no longer needed. Those things became painful because, the things I needed to let go of included:



*Old habits


*Material things

However, my overall experience has not been sad, depressing, painful or scary. It actually has moved into calmer waters where I achieved the following:








All of those things have been achieved and I’m still reaching to achieve even more!

I am so grateful that, I am able to pass these same blessings onto others to help them reach and achieve their goals.

This is why I am offering my Reiki Level 1 course to 18 more people for just the price of $99.99! That’t a total of $125.00 OFF the original price! But this course is booking so fast, you have to order it before 08/27/2018. On this date the course will go back to it’s original price of $225

This course is packed with so much information, your not gonna wanna miss this!

If you answered yes to at least one of the symptoms listed above, this is the course for you! Allow me to guide you into your spiritual awakening on a personal level, and teach you how to heal and awake others to this beautiful journey.

Just look at what students are saying;

Excited Student! Aug 27th Class!

Excited Student! Aug 27th Class!

Love & Light,

Teri Taylor /Heavenly Butterfly Team

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