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The Meaning Of Imbolc

I am astatic about today’s Pagan holiday known as Imbolc. Imbolc is the day of the Celtic Goddess Brigid known to bring the gift of hope. She is the Fire of the Hearth, the Goddess Of Fertility, Family, Childbirth, and Healing. Brigid is and will always be loved as a goddess of peace and inspiration. It is said the Christian Church made her a saint and the foster mother of the infant baby Jesus.

I am no fan of the winter or cold weather, cold weather brings a type of insanity. This is so true for me. It has a depressive vibe perhaps because it’s cold & flu season. It seems like the holidays brings on the stressors of being able to survive the busiest time of year. Once January arrives some of the stress begins to rise, this is a time where Flu shots are heavy in rotation and a lot of Flu cases begins to rise. So I do believe everyone is as excited as I am about celebrating Imbolc it marks the midway point in between the winter and spring solstice. Imbolc was primarily a woman’s festival, women made and carried corn dishes used from grains they harvested. And women and girls enjoyed feasting with one another. It was also known as a fertile time, due to so many deaths over the harsh winter months it was important to bring rebirth and populate the community. Young men that were fit to marry would be allowed to attend.

One can always tell when Imbolc is approaching. Animals that were once in hibernation began to come out, ice and snow become a distant memory and the earth begins to show signs of color and life. This is a time to be grateful, and appreciative of all that is passing and all that is beginning to be born. This is a time to celebrate! New beginnings are on the way!

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