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The Difference Between Pola Santo & Sage


So, I get questions all the time about the difference between Polo Santo & Sage and I decided to write an article on the infamous question.

What is Polo Santo?

Polo Santo also known as "Holy Wood" is a traditional wood that can be burned as an incense or healing remedy. Now, I'm going to break down the spiritual uses and the healing uses in this article. Polo Santo wood derives from a tree called Bursera graveolens, nicknamed Polo Santo, which grows in South America. For many years Polo Santo/Holy Wood has been burned as an energy cleanser. Polo Santo spiritually removes negative debris from your body, aura, and items. This is a top tier energy cleanser & spiritual tool. Polo Santo can be the main used cleanser in your energy healing needs or you can combine it with other cleansers to add a little added power.

Healing Properties of Polo Santo?

Polo Santo is a traditional remedy used for pain, inflammation, stress, and chronic sinus issues. You can either burn it as incense or purchase it in oil and apply it to your skin. Make sure that you always purchase your products from a reputable retailer such as Heavenly Butterfly Boutique, because you want to know that your polo santo is responsibly sourced.

What is Sage?

Sage also known as "Salvia Officinalis" or "Garden Sage" is an aromatic herb of the mint family that is cultivated for its pungent edible leaves. Now, I'm going to be completely honest the smell is something you definitely have to be used to. It stinks at first, I often think that's because when something or someone of low vibrational energy or demonic energy encounters burning sage it repels them. As this is the purpose of sage to repel any of those unwanted energies. Now the difference between the two is if we are putting them in a category of which is the best or most powerful I would say, Polo Santo, however when you combined the two together things get really cleansed out. Polo Santo is more powerful because of it's the ability to cleanse you, your aura, and your items. Where Sage can only cleanse low vibrational energy or demonic energy off of items. When I do any client's house cleansings I always combined the two with other herbs. I hope this article brought that clarity you need between the two and I look forward to helping you on your spiritual journey.

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