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The Benefits of having a Tarot or Astrology Reading

The Benefits of having a Tarot or Astrology Reading

It is understandable to feel a bit skeptical of being charged from someone to discuss things they can see about your life, especially when you hear stories of people being scammed by people playing “the part”.

You know the ones that dress the part and have the back settings all dressed up, I mean that is cool if that’s what you like there is nothing wrong with that. But sometimes it comes off “plastic”/”fake”, I’m going to be completely honest I have never had to dress up or dress “the part” to see things and to be able to read energy. Honestly some of my “predictions”, “visions” have come at the oddest of times. So integrity should be first standing with any spiritual advisor or medium. I also know for some people it’s a “scary” experience, because it maybe difficult to feel optimistic about your future and the messages that you may receive during the reading as well as have a reason to justify the money that you just spent. 

Most people think “what can a spiritual advisor do for me that my best friend or therapist can’t?” Everybody doesn’t need a spiritual advisor to help them make decisions and choices regarding their lives.

But I can offer a few reasons and benefits why having a spiritual advisor proves helpful and beneficial to your overall physical life and spiritual life as well as your health.

A spiritual advisor will be able to see all the past,present and future energies surrounding you and the situations you’re faced with on a daily to bring clarity and insight by showing you the connections (helping you to see things from another lense). A good spiritual advisor will be able to help you remove some of your karmic debt and blockages at the same time to restore your blessing flow. As well as restore balance where you feel a sense of alignment, signalling you that you are on the right path by offering you opportunities and blessings you’ve never thought possible.

A spiritual advisor can offer connection between the spirit realm and the physical delivering lost messages from loved ones who have passed on. Some are even able to see & hear the spirits where as in others can only read their energy by naming dates, zodiac signs, characteristics both seen and unseen. You may receive a loving note saying they are okay, where others may receive messages to warn them of a particular person or situation. However, I have heard of psychics predicting death dates, I can’t and never will be able to do that! A good spiritual advisor would not focus on matters as such, for he/she knows that you have “Free Will” and nothing is set in stone.

A good spiritual advisor can also help you to see opportunities of possibilities you never imagined or thought of before. I know as in for myself I have sparked a lot of my clients mind to help them see those opportunities and possibilities before they become one of those missed blessings.

As well as offering confirmation to those questions you already knew in the pit of your gut but you just needed validation on it. This could sometimes offer validation into a specific situation in regards to a lover being unfaithful, or a friend that isn’t truly the friend you thought he or she was. These are just to name a few cases that I have personally experienced myself that have offered validation to a client. It’s important for you to stay focused on your path and understand that we lose some along the way, who aren’t truly meant to travel that journey with us no matter how bad we may want them to. Our journey and our destiny isn’t meant for everyone to travel on, sometimes things are taken from us or we miss blessings because those blessings that we have aren’t meant to be shared with certain people and energies. Sometimes the company we keep or the energy and beliefs that we hold on to help to block those blessings as well. A good spiritual advisor can spot these things out immediately to help remove unwanted blockages.

A good spiritual advisor can also give you insights to gifts and energies that you hadn’t noticed before about yourself. A lot of times situations and people condition us to believe we are less than when they hurt us, we become so blinded and our vision becomes blurred. That you lose all sight of who you truly are and what you’ve come here to do. A spiritual advisor can read these things and so much more!

A spiritual advisor is vital to this realm and the spirit realm, you owe it to yourself to dig a little deeper, and instead of only doing research on your ancestors history get to learn more about you, and what your purpose here on this Earth is.

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