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Taste the Rainbow

Yes, I mean literally tasting a rainbow, we are all made up of energy and so are our chakras. So it’s important that we make sure that the food we take in is a vibrational match to our chakras. 

This is a good blog to help you think about the food we are eating. It’s essentially important for us to steer away from food cravings. Think of food cravings as a symptom, and the food being a reliever of those symptoms. But keep in mind if the food is unhealthy and doesn’t match up with our chakras, it could only be suppressing the issue.

So, before you reach for the fill good craving ask yourself what are you suppressing? This is just a brief guide on the foods you can experiment with. We are all different and we all have different dietary requirements, we can’t all eat the same exact things to a T. Feel free to experiment to your personal need, as a rule of thumb its essential to eating the foods of the same color chakra we are working on and intending on harmonizing and enhancing. Anytime your doing any kind of energy work its important to drink plenty of water (spring water).

Root Chakra: Root Veggies, I mean it does say root chakra naturally one would know this, sad to say I didn’t until I started learning more on them (lol). Beetroot the red ones, I honestly have never tried beet root until last night and the brand I tried I honestly enjoyed. Beetroot is truly an overlooked veggie, and it’s grown from the Earth. Food grown from the Earth carry a high vibrational energy that are good for our chakras. Potatoes, other kinds of beets, carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes, radishes.

Sacral Chakra: Fruits, Fruits, Fruits! Always eat seeded fruits these are true fruits from the Earth, they are high vibrational and high alkaline. Pomegranates, grapes, and raw cacao.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Banana’s (the small ones), garlic, chili, onions, leaks, anything fiery- peppers, banana peppers, etc.

Heart Chakra: I am all heart chakra crazy, with the number of heart related diseases effecting many of Americans. It’s unavoidable. Green is the color of this chakra, and it’s the color of the Earth and nature. Its said that green is the secret color of the sun, and its also the color of love. Eating greens is the best thing we can do for our hearts, and our well-being. A lot of people love broccoli, but I want to explain broccoli is NOT good for us. Dr. Sebi teaches that broccoli is man made, therefore it’s a hybrid veggie just like the seedless fruits. So is cauliflower, so always research the food you intake. I can understand that it can be a lot of work but just as Dr, Sebi says “You’re made up of elements, take the time to learn the food with high elemental properties. In order to save your health and your body.” Raw veggies are preferred and it doesn’t boil or burn away the essential vitamins.  So, the more raw foods you eat the better. Kale, kelp, lettuce (not iceberg) spinach and sprouts.

Throat Chakra: Its important to drink plenty of fluids because this keeps the throat cleared, we intuivtly do this naturally when we feel like something gets stuck in our throats. Organic fruit juices are essential for the throat chakra or smoothies- examples of some throat chakra fruits are; apples, apricots, peaches, pears, and plums.

3rd Eye Chakra: Our 3rd eye chakra is our sense of sight into the spirit world, foods that are good to stimulate and activate this chakra are; Barely grass, wheat grass, mugwort, cacao, chaga mushroom, lemons, raw apple cider vinegar, berries (all kinds), blueberries, lavender, poppy seeds, grapefruit, grape juice, blue/green algae, raw honey, ginseng, coconut oil, hemp seeds, seaweed, noni juice, dark chocolate.

Crown Chakra: Raw Honey is great for the crown chakra, as long as you are eating a healthy high vibrational and alkaline diet. Within time your Crown chakra in time will open. Consider cleansing or fasting for 3 days.

You want to eat light, to feel light, to be a light!

These are a few other great tips for cleansing and charging your chakras

*Sun Bath while you meditate on your chakras

*Wear the color of the chakra you need or want to enhance

*Get chakra work done, chakra lights, crystal therapy, or Reiki

*Concentrate on your breathing

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