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Sunday’s Week Ahead Forecast

Bright Blessings Butterflies,

Birth—  This weeks forecast includes some obstacles and challenges, during this time it will be relationships issues on the rise as well as issues regarding fertility, it maybe in the form of difficulties between a child and parent or with just a child. This could mean that a child is leaving home and going away to college or going away. A feeling of loneliness and unfilled desire for home and family  may be felt as well during this time. Remember this is the obstacles and challenges I warned people about last week. We are still feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde and these are obstacles that most everyone is feeling. It’s ultimately up to you to take this time and make it a positive experience with Mercury. This is a time to stay strong and tap into the boundless love within, this is a force that can change everything.

Sometimes Birth reversed indicates a difficulty in finding your purpose, which requires investigation now. You may be really surprised to find clues about your future purpose by looking into your past- and even your past lives. Your new purpose is waiting to be born.

This card also shows a delay with other new beginnings, this could be a job, creative project, in some cases it can simply mean an external opportunity has not presented itself yet. This is an indication that maybe you need to work harder and gather your courage to take the first step. This reversal doesn’t mean an end to a new start, it just might require finding a different way to go about it.

Just a Thought: When someone wants or needs to leave your life, allow them. Hard times don’t last always, and when someone leaves to better themselves- always find the peace and joy in that. Know that just because they are leaving doesn’t necessarily mean they will stay gone forever. Set your boundaries with people during this time, it’s  okay to allow yourself space and solitude during this time. Something new will be created from this. This is the New Beginning phase, the Full Moon assures us of this. If your gonna birth something, give life to something amazing!

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