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Sunday and The Week Ahead Forecast

Bright Blessings Butterflies,

I am so excited that things are finally feeling more on track around here these days, just like the weather man delivers his 7 day forecast for the week ahead. I am delivering the 7 day spiritual forecast by using the magic of tarots and pendulum! Spring has made a slow entrance and hasn’t made herself so visibly seen and known. I’m hoping to help navigate you through this weeks journey and I hope that you all put the information provided to good use. So I’m just gonna jump right in to the forecast and I will be providing some crystals you can use to help you transition into the change that the forecast has predicted thus far.

Seven of Staves- A strong positive attitude during this time will be essential to priming you to achieving your personal best!

The seven of staves is showing or indicating a person who almost always successfully achieves his/her goals, this is a person who is gifted and talented. This person has set standards beyond the norm, that exceeds the expectations of what is possible. This card hints to beware of conceitedness when this card shows up in the reading in this position. Remember that this isn’t a time to be conceited, this too shall pass. As the all wheel of life turn so does everything else. Being successful doesn’t make you invincible and it does not make you free of error. Pat yourself on the back for your hard work, determination and success. But get back to the task at hand, this card tells you that now is your time for peek performance. Where all your hard work will be noticed and appreciated, they are watching so remember to do your upmost best and all you set out to do. There is no room for mistakes, double check all your work during this time. Keep focus on your goal at hand, and don’t allow distractions to intervene.

Push yourself beyond your usual limits this week, time spent in preparation will pay off greatly!  In any competitive situation during this time, if you apply the effort as you should you will see that you come out on top every time. Things should be going well and you should be feeling good, and projects should be moving along like they should this week. This doesn’t mean that you wont have moments of self doubt, unfortunately you need to feel the fear, keep focus and push forward.

Don’t hesitate this week to let people know where you stand, your thinking is very clear and your likely to help a lot of people out by spelling it out to them. This card is an indication that a change is coming and you have nothing to fear, remember don’t jump in the middle of change. Allow it to take place and you keep your focus and keep striving at the same time. This a positive change in the business aspect of things, this card also points to independence and thinking for oneself.

If you ever wanted to be self employed this is an excellent time to start putting some serious thought into that, and doing your homework. You have what it takes to successfully achieve all that you set out to do, you must put fourth the effort. A dream without action is a hallucination, make your dream a reality. Be logical and don’t just quit a job to start a business do this while working.

If your in a committed relationship during this time don’t hesitate to speak your mind to your love partner. This will improve your relationship as long as your mindful in what and how you say things during this time. If your single this card indicates that could change and that you are likely to meet someone new so try new things if you haven’t already.

You can expect an increase somewhere when it comes to aspects of money, this could be from the extra focus you have put into work. Maybe a bonus from work or something you own you didn’t think was worth as much. Investments are important so be wise on how you spend your money. Investing is a good idea during this time as well.

Remember that your health and spirituality all depend on your mind set, thinking positive has positive rewards to both your health and your outward life. Stay positive through this process- Trust your journey and don’t give up. Anything the mind can conceive it can achieve, so take full control of your thoughts and energy during this time. We are in a high Karmic time, so anything you think during this time you will be able to manifest. Think happy, positive thoughts!

Please leave your comments below on what you thought about today’s forecast for the week ahead, and don’t be shy share me with your family, friends and associates. Its enough of me to go around! Help someone that maybe struggling during this time, remember anytime you feel lost you can follow me!

List of Crystals to assist you during this time

  1. Clear Quartz- Keeps a positive flow of energy while banishing negativity

  2. Amethyst-  Protection from negativity and unforeseen energies, also helps the wearer in not getting lost (sense of direction) keeping you on the right path.

  3. Tigers Eye- Motivation-Determination- Drive and ambition- Relieves Fears and anxieties.

  4. Rose Quartz- Calming – Loving- Compassion- Harmony

  5. Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz- Grounding- keeping you connected with Gaia Great Mother Earth

  6. Blue Howlite- Calming- Communication- Insomnia- Meditation

The following crystals can also be purchased by visiting my website

Love & Light

Teri T.

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