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Subscriber Appreciation!


Hello Friends!

I wanted to start a NEW appreciation week segment! But before I do this, I want to explain firstly why I wanted to do this. I didn’t really know what to call it, because customer appreciation sounded like. Only the one’s who purchased would qualify…& that isn’t the message I wanted to deliver. I wanted to include those of you that have signed up, liked, followed, and shared us! After all you all deserve to be recognized for all that you do as well. I just really felt there was another way we could incorporate you in an appreciation segment.So once a week, just like our monthly Customer Appreciation. I will Update the weekly subscriber(s) who have supported us, by sharing, being active, and liking us on all of  our social media pages. (these are verified).The subscriber of the week will get a special gift offer from us. You DO NOT, have to purchase anything to become a subscriber of the week. What we do ask, is once you have signed the form to subscribe.  ADD US to your contacts, once you have added us! You will start receiving your 20% OFF discount code, and other offers. You can Subscribe to us by clicking the link. 

Thank you again!

Prosperity and Blessings

-Heavenly Butterfly Online Boutique-

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