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Spiritually Messy


4 Top indicators your spirit is being messy…

Not all of us were born spiritually aware, life lessons and experiences usually sends us a spiritual calling. Not everyone experiences this spiritual calling, because a lot either block it out or simply reject this calling altogether. But for most including myself I am a truth seeker, so once the calling came knocking I answered. Here are just a few of the indicators/symptoms I experienced during my calling.

  1. I knew and was very aware of energy, however I didn’t understand it or know how to channel it or read it.

  2. I would meet someone and instantly feel energies that gave me accurate indications of the persons motives.

  3. I was confused on where my life was, where it was going and I didn’t have an idea of what to do, to get a hold of my life.

  4. The indicators above had me thinking I was loosing my mind and going crazy at times, because I didn’t understand the calling. I want to add this was a very scary/dark time for me. Sometimes through darkness is only when we can see the light.

If you experienced or are experiencing any of the above mentioned, this is a very strong indicator it’s time for a spiritual detox and it’s time for your awakening.

Imagine it as waking from a deep sleep and trying to get a feel of your surroundings when you first awake. Bringing your conscious to your waking life. It’s the same with a spiritual awakening. You must get attuned and aligned to the spiritual frequency, this is where the confusion can stem from. If your experiencing any of these indicators and your ready to experience the amazing mysteries in life visit me on the web and schedule your spiritual consultation.

Blessed Be-

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