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Spiritually Dope Forecast & Predictions

🔮March Predictions🔮

The Wheel Of Fortune (reversed)

Change is in its way, in most cases this indicates a positive change, you need to allow this change to take place. This change may need to include people as well as situations. The changes at this time aren’t clear on what they will be, it indicates much needed change. Change comes with the cycle of life and it’s something we must all adjust to, remember this too shall past. This may not be a permanent change. But know this change is coming regardless. This is a great time to stay positive, and disciplined.

Ace of Pentacles (reversed)

If you’re worrying about money, this is a time to reshape those thoughts. You will need to focus and pay attention to your finances, but do not become overly concerned. Becoming overly concerned causes us to loose sight of what’s important. Count your blessings, don’t overly spend or overly indulge in spending. Don’t allow jealousy over others finances be your fate. Remember your blessed beyond what you can imagine. Your focus should be on you and your growth only. Don’t miss your blessings being jealous and focused on someone else’s.

The Chariot

The Chariot is a card all about the timing of things, traveling is indicated by this card. If your thinking of taking a trip or vacation, this card isn’t saying no don’t do it. It’s saying re evaluate and recheck things before moving forward. If your thinking of driving your car to travel, get it serviced and make sure it’s safe to travel in it otherwise rent a rental car, it maybe some delays. If you are thinking of making a purchase towards a new car, this has everything to do with spending your money wisely. It may be a delay with the purchase itself, its not indicating it won’t be successful it’s just indicating it may take some time. The bank may take forever to approve it, or it may not be the car you’d hoped for although you got the approval. It also indicates determination and ambition to get things done! You not giving up which is taking some work on your part. This card indicates that it’s okay to move foreword, just make sure your i’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed. Things will go well for you as long as you follow the advice given. Have self discipline, just in case you feel someone is working against you. Don’t let it get you bent up, let it motivate you.

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