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Spiritually Dope Forecast

May Edition

Bright Blessings Butterflies!

Last month came through giving us rebirth and new fresh beginnings, and a lot of people have really reached out and received each of those blessings that the universe sent out. This month I received some great insights & messages from my ascended masters & guides and now I am sharing them with you all, in hopes to navigate you through those questionable times.

I used 3 cards in this months reading because I wanted to get an overall feel of the energy we need to use during this time, as well as giving us some hints to key dates that may have significant importance to you as well.

The Buddha Prepares

This card is all about preparation and taking the time necessary to get clearer insights on the situation(s) at hand before taking action. Thinking before you act, it maybe a situation in your life where you feel the need to react this could be in relation to work, relationships, finances, etc. Take some time to really research your options along with reaching inside yourself to finding your power, purpose, and direction. This is a time of waiting and although you maybe feeling impatient, this card indicates a waiting period. It may seem like things have come to a stand still, when really this is only a time that you require to prepare and to truly step into your power. Don’t be in a hurry or rush to decide or act on anything during this time. The time is coming and when it arrives, your strength will be absolute.


The Taurus is an Earth sign and it has a fixed energy. Taurus offers a stable energy of earth that combines with the determined quality-which advises us to use practical planning during this time. Gather all the facts and understand the data to figure out the next best step. The “I have” key phrase means that the motivation is centered on self. What resources do you have on hand that you can use and how can you beat invest in them. Make a plan and commit yourself to seeing it all the way through. Only great things can come from this, have faith in yourself and the universe you live in is full of love and advancement. You will not loose trying this!

Key dates associated with this card: April 20- May 20

6 of Scrolls- The Sands of Time ( reversed)

This card states that all though you may be feeling rushed, that you have more time than you think. It’s no need to rush, the task at hand may require some research and the energy to follow through. Take all the time you need, you have much time to explore and investigate the situation more clearly during this time. The more you truly take the time to investigate the better prepared you will be. This could indicate a higher position at work, it could also indicate that you may need to dig a little deeper in your relationship before taking it to the next level. Trust in yourself and the process and the results are likely to be more beneficial than you initially thought!

I really hope that you use the insight in this months forecast as a navigational tool in your challenging situations and that they serve for your greater good!

Remember this Forecast is not a personal basis reading. This Forecast only covers the energies surrounding the Universe as a whole. If your interested in a personal reading you can Book Your Reading Here!

Love & Light,

Teri T./Kali Love

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