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Spiritually Dope Akashic Forecast  April’s Guide

The Sun Zodiac

Bright Blessings Butterflies,

I hope that you all are hopping right into Spring on a happy note, I received a new deck of cards (The Akashic Tarot) and after working with them personally. I thought they would provide a very insightful reading prediction to the monthly forecast. This month we started off with the effects of the Full Moon on March 31,2018.  Followed with Easter and April Fools falling on the same day the following day. The month of April is already starting off different in a spiritual sense. We are in a new beginning phase and if you read Sunday’s weekly forecast, you seen that it’s the birthing phase (just in case you missed Sunday’s Predictions) Here it is.  Anytime your in a birthing phase it signifies new beginnings, this puts a lot into perspective when you begin your journey to self discovery. You must dig into your past to reveal your future. Educate yourself and investigate anything that comes to you in the “I just know” sense. If you get lost you can follow me! I welcome you to be yourself, trust in your intuition, and know that nothing you feel or think will ever sound crazy here! Be creative and remember that your on your journey to being Spiritually Dope!

Card 1- Uriel & The Sphinx-Journey to Self Discovery

This card tells a story about discovery. It’s a clear indication that we are on a journey to self revelation. It suggests that we need to do a little more research to uncover the truth- our truths, you know the?  “Where did we truly come from?” “Am I on the correct path for my Soul’s purpose?”  Mother Earth is singing on a different frequency and vibration, we must learn the tune that she sings on. The Archangel Uriel stands in front of the Sphinx under a full moon, the full moon places a feeling of things aren’t what they seem.

be on the lookout for ones closets to you, the universe has sent them to offer a helping hand along the way. This could be a teacher, a mentor, or even a new friend. This would be a person who shares a kinship with you about your inner spiritual quest. This is a relationship of great value that comes in a time of profound power. It won’t be conducive for you to diminish the importance of this phase. This investigative research will lead you to your initiation and to your higher power.

Card 2- The Oracle of Delphi- Put Some Respect on Your Name

We are in a time of GREAT insight & psychic power- Trust in yourself a lot more. Stop denying the true power of your intuition. You have ignored your intuition far too long. Your intuition will not lead you blindly. Trust in your divine power!

Card 3- 3 of Keys- The Chess Game Spring Cleaning

This isn’t a time to participate in conflict or drama. There is someone in your circle that is only out for self, the best thing you can do is play 10 steps ahead of all those out against you. This could be a conflict between co workers, family, business partners, or social groups. This is a time for newness and new beginnings DO NOT take stagnant and old situations into this time. Spring is the time to spring clean and release yourself of anyone and any energies that no longer serve you.

Card 4 – 4 of Roses- Views of The Ego- Ditch the Ego

There maybe a person in your life that is being or has always been selfish, it could be in the context of love, friendship, family, or business relationships. This person may also come off as self absorbed. Be warned this isn’t the time to be EXTRA and add any fuel to the fire. Trust in your intuition and put this person behind you, so you can focus on your goals at hand. Leave the ego in the dirt. Handle the situation in a loving focused manner.

Card 5- 4 of Scrolls- The Karmic Trench- Release Old Patterns & Habits

Spring is all about new beginnings & this is not the time to fall back into old habits and routines. In order to access and manifest the life and change that you desire. You have to live and exude change & growth. You can attract the life that you want simply by changing your way of thinking and keeping a positive mind set. Embrace your journey of change, you will not fail by trying something new. Otherwise you will continue to confine yourself to the same Karmic lessons.

At the end of the day nothing is set in stone, and you have control of your own destiny, but I like to stress the importance of how the moon, stars, planets and elements of the Universe effects us. The Moon has powerful effects on us, just as it does to the man and the werewolf. The power of the Universe always leads us to where we need to be. With the use of our mind and the forces of the Universe we can create the new life we desire. We are ultimately on a journey to Spiritual Evolution. So trusting in your intuition is also essential, trust in those feelings you get.

Just remember when you get lost you can follow me, I welcome you here with open arms and an abundance of love!

Love & Light

Teri T.

*Key Date: July 21-July 22

Prepare yourself to attract the Abundance that you desire! Weather that be an abundance of love or an abundance of wealth. You can attract the success that you desire! Prepare yourself from the inside out- Mentally, Physically & Spiritually

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