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Spirituality & Your Higher Consciousness

Spirituality is a way of life, which aims to uncover the original shape of man. To really uncover where we come from and what we’re here for. Being spiritual I know for myself I aim to uncover the beliefs of the religious process. Putting emphasis on the deepest values and meanings in which people live. Spiritually I dig deeper into the supernatural realm, focusing more on personal growth, evolving, all while on a quest for an ultimate, deeper and sacred meaning to life.

While on my spiritual journey to spiritual growth, trusting in your intuition is key. Trusting in your higher self is magical, becoming connected with your higher self has a way of awakening us to the many true wonders in this dimension. It’s very important that we connect to our higher selves daily. Your higher self wants to do nothing more than communicate with you, and guide you to the highest version of you. It’s important that we evolve in this life, and by connecting with our higher consciousness we are opening ourselves up for evolution.

By tapping into your higher self, you place yourself on a path of ascension and greater abundance. This benefits not only you but the people you come into contact with. The energy frequency to your higher self is amazing! Once you become spiritually connected, you become fully and very aware of your other senses. Your psychic and clairvoyant abilities start to progress more. You just have that sense of knowing.

I remember once I started tapping into my higher consciousness. It was a bit scary yet intriguing at the same time, it was something I hadn’t experienced before. But my intuition had expanded so far beyond my belief, that no matter how I tried to deny it. It would ring louder, confirming everything that I had already spoken on. It even brought me to the path I’m on at this very moment. Everything about my life, & where it was going was laid out in front of me. Answers that I didn’t have the answers for suddenly were answered, they would come through messages in books, nature, sometimes through the radio and TV, they even would appear in conversations with people I was talking to.

I have realized since this connection that I am truly in control of my own happiness, and that we possess the ability to heal ourselves by removing energetic blockages that we carry around with us. This can be by the energy we put out or our suppressed emotions that are hidden and buried within us. At the same time I started to love myself unconditionally, I no longer looked for love through others or through sources. I realized I am love, and love is all around me. And I released anything that carried a negative influence or vibe. Once you become connected with your higher self negativity has no place in your space.

I become more honest with myself and others, I was no longer afraid to tell people how I felt. And if I felt they no longer provided what I needed in my life to continuing my journey to my evolution. I begin to distance myself away from those people in the process. I was grateful for this new found change in my life, so grateful that I started to create inner and outer abundance in my life and my environment. I realized that it’s so much more to life than trying to compete with others, than always having someone’s business to discuss, and to solely focus on me more. If you haven’t taken the time out yet to connect with your higher being, I urge you to do this! You will not regret it. A few ways to spiritually reconnect with your higher self: •Meditate •Reiki Therapy•Crystal Therapy •Yoga•Through Spiritual Advice

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