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Signs That Your Spirit Guides & Angels are Communicating With You.

For many years, I have been able to communicate with spirits from other realms and I never understood this until I started doing more research and getting heavy in my spiritual workings. I will start with a bit of story time and then we’ll dive into how to know when spirit is communicating with you. Ten years ago, I started hearing a ringing in my right ear. I thought my body was alarming me that something wasn’t right. But this ringing only seemed to happen during meditation, bed time when everything was silent and this was the only time I could hear those ringing sounds. So, as I got deeper into my spiritual work I started doing more research on this. This is where the spiritual awakening started to happen. I never understood my calling to work with spirit and to be honest with you it was quiet scary at first. But spirit was communicating with me even before I could really understand what was really going on. I started to be able to predict things by a feeling in my body. When I was right the ringing would always assure me I was correct in my intuitive feelings. The ringing would happen in my right ear more than my left but when something was about to go wrong the ringing would come to my left ear. Now I will break down the difference for you. People usually think that a ringing in the ear is a medical condition but rest assured it’s not always a medical condition. Ringing in your Right Ear Ringing in your right ear is always a positive sign, Why? Because this is the ear that spirit always communicates positive things to you. So it’s very important you figure out which ear the ringing is coming from. Again, I would only hear this ringing during silent time or meditation. Every time I heard the ringing in my right ear positive things would begin to happen. The job I applied for, I got! The new house I applied for, I got approved for. Or the goals I had set for myself would always come into fruition. Now, some of you maybe thinking that angels come in the form of human form but I assure you this is not what an angel is. An angel is an orb of energy or frequency. This is why the ringing you hear comes in the form of a frequency and not just words. So the sounds I heard were always a frequency letting me know my body was receiving downloads pr messages from a higher power. Ringing in the right ear always tells of something positive about to take place or if you feel someone is talking about you wether good or bad this is spirit warning you about this. Think of it as spirits protection. If you’re going through a hard time in life and you begin to hear this ringing, spirit is assuring you that things will soon get better. Ringing in Your Left Ear Hearing ringing in your left ear is a bit more complicated, because this could be a sign of a medical condition, but it could also hold a negative result. Say, you hear ringing in your left ear after you applied for a job…than your more likely not to get the job you applied for or it could mean that something more low vibratory is about to take place. And this is spirits warning to you. This is why it’s always important to pay attention to which ear this ringing/frequency is coming from. Because this will give you an indication of what spirit is communicating with you. The left ear ringing always gives you an indication that something is either about to go wrong, you need to get your life together or a clear warning that you need to pay close attention too. Whatever the situation is in your case it’s always best to sit in silence and pay attention to which ear is picking up these frequencies. Whenever you hear these frequencies always thank spirit for the jewelz they are dropping onto you. Unsure of what is happening in your life or are you just unable to read the messages they are sending? I have worked with millions of clients to get the answers they seek pertaining to their lives, future, relationships and more! You can get in touch with me to get your personal messages from sprit by clicking the link below. I will help to reveal all that spirit wants to deliver as well as teach you how to rely and trust your intuition/gut feeling and to know when spirit wants to communicate with you.

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