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Portabella Mushroom Steak Recipe (Vegan Dish)

Bright Blessings,I have had numerous people message me asking how to make the vegan steak I showed on my social media. I got this recipe from a great friend of mine and added my own touch. I have taken the liberty (cause it was so nice of me lol) to publish it for you guys and I hope that you try it, and incorporate it in your all plant based diet. Please leave your comments below to tell me how you liked it! And if you’re wanting to try a new way of eating, please feel free to contact me by visiting my website on how I can help you on your journey to a vegan lifestyle. I would love to hear from you! Blessed BeTeri Taylor aka Kali Love aka Spiritual Buttafly


Portabella Mushroom (Caps)

Steak Seasoning- (Your Choice-I use Weber Steak & Chop seasoning)

Grape seed Oil (Cook well brand)

Onions (Cut up)

Bell Peppers (sliced)

Favorite Steak Sauce (A-1 Brand)

Wash mushroom, cut any stem that hasn’t been cut , pat dry with paper towel to clean any left over dirt or water.

Pour Grape seed oil in your pan (Med heat) add your cut up onions and bell peppers. Add your mushrooms (cover)allow to sauté until cooked to your liking (20 mins) check on your steak periodically. Add your favorite salad and organic salad dressing and any other vegetables you would like slice your steak and add your steak sauce and BAM! You have the most tender, healthy vegan steak!

I also added baby Portabella mushrooms and plant based butter (vegan butter) to the collard greens.

Thank you Tierra Kennedy for the recipe!!!!

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