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No Bad Vibes! 👽🔮

Bright Blessings Butterflies,

It’s important during this time we cut out any unnecessary stress and try to relax as much as we can now.  Remember our minds are like a sponge, even if we don’t see it or understand it. Anything our minds can conceive, it can achieve. This is why its important to understand that how we think about our lives can make a difference in how we experience life. If you’re always focused on what you don’t have or what is wrong in your life, you can and will create more stressful situations through your frustration and negativity.  Instead choose to only focus on what’s right and good in your life and develop a lighter, happier attitude that cushions the bumps in the road. Set your intentions to trust your Gods instead of dwelling on negative issues and circumstances. Having a trusting attitude really opens the doors for positive change, just as if you open a window to allow fresh air in to circulate when your room feels stuffy.

When you catch yourself complaining, exchange your compliments to praise what you have and show gratitude and thanksgiving. Your eyes are windows into your soul and body. If you open your eyes wide enough in wonder and belief, your body and soul will fill up with light. All of us makes our own weather which determines the color of the sky in the emotional universe. When you feel lost follow me!

Teri T.

Spiritual Butterfly

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