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New Year Predictions 2018’

Merry Meet,

We here at Heavenly Butterfly Boutique hope that you all had a very blessed holiday season and an even brighter New Years!

Today’s blog I wanted to go over the many messages I received in regards to the New Year for 2018 and thought what better way to bring the New Year in than by mapping out the year ahead.

2017 was a rough year for myself as well as a humbling one. After speaking to so many of my wonderful clients, I was able to quickly see that I wasn’t the only one dealing with similar experiences. 2018 is an initial completion phase, all experiences from 2017 were preparing you for the experiences that will come in 2018. A lot of things are going to come together nicely this year. You will still have to put in your efforts however all your dreams and goals are very much feasible this year. All the hard work and challenging experiences were completed in 2017. In order to achieve those goals it again will take Work on your part, but the effort will be a great effort with great rewards, and this effort will be easily achieved because the hard work again was completed in 2017. Use the power given to you wisely during this time. This year is all about new beginnings, you will see a lot of synchronicity’s during this time. Overall that is a very positive thing. There will be a few painful trails along the way but this is where your strength is determined. Allow this growth to happen, do not run from it face it head on. 2017 built so many anxieties in everyone, that we tend to build walls to avoid experiences that are not so pleasant to us. This can become a blockage, because from pain we receive growth. So don’t allow anxiety to stop you from fully living your full potential. Don’t build a wall so thick and high that not even you can get through. If your hiding behind a wall, how will you ever reach your goals and evolve? If you felt like 2017 was a disaster or you feel you lost control of your life and situations of 2017 this will be a part of the departing energies for 2018. Things simply can’t get any better or worse during 2018. This year will be a time to come up! That means to save your coins and build yourself and your finances. A lot of opportunities will be coming your way the year 2018 make yourself available and ready for these opportunities when they arise. Watch out for scammers during this time. This is the time where you will see a lot of scammers working their way towards your wallet. This is not the year to take silly risks or gamble. This is the time to build yourself and your finances. Obstacles for the year 2018 will be to learn compassion for our fellow man. We should exude love and compassion for one another this year, this means being supportive of one another and working together to build one another. Really good, positive things will come from this. This year will be very positive and upbeat for most. This is also a time to prioritize things in your life, this will be a very busy year for those that are making themselves available to it. When we listen to the whispers of our guides and we follow the advice, doors begin to open.

I hope that 2018 is as great and wonderful to you as I know it will be to us!

Until next time love yourself and love everyone around you.

Blessed Be

Teri Taylor

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