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New Moon in Leo/Solar Eclipse

The moon has some amazing power and just to read and research more about the moon and it’s many phases are amazing and very informative.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, new phases of life. So this is the best time to be open and receptive to its amazing energy. When the new moon is in present this is a great time to focus on self, and being its in Leo it’s defiantly a time of take action! This is a good time as any to start new projects, start planning or taking actions to plan your future. Stay positive! This new moon/solar eclipse is going to make the Mercury Retrograde effects just that much stronger! So Stay Positive! Show patience and set goals for self improvement. If you can seem to wield those positive energies into your present, you can conjure them with a little candle magic and intention. Be constructive during this time, and steer away from anything or anyone that brings in negativity. Shed the old to make room for the new during this time, with new beginnings comes transformation. If you’ve been holding on to something that has already served its purpose it’s time to let go of the power that, that particular something has over your life. It is holding you back from your new beginnings, in order for new life to be created something must die. It’s the cycle of life and currently with the Solar Eclipse/New Moon and Mercury Retrograde all in Leo all means it’s time for us to take action. And put in the effort and energy to make our current energies work for us in a positive manner. If that’s limiting beliefs you need to detach yourself from that old frame of thinking and stop limiting yourself for the benefit of others. It’s time to free yourself, when something is lost in death, it’s truly never lost it’s just set free.

Set free from all the restraints and limitations that life sometimes poses on us individually. Don’t allow outworn loyalties to something or someone to hold you back either. The Element if earth is the element recommended to help get us through this time. Earth is a stable, secure and abundant energy. Earth natures life, and promotes long, leisurely pleasures. The things we need in the physical life on a material level are expressed during this time. So whatever career or school related situations things that are gonna be beneficial to us in material form are promoted during this time. So focus on your goals, this decides your future. Any charities your working on, contracts bring the energy of earth to balance with the energy of fire to any situation. Through generosity of your material goods, resources and time. Always take a calm unhurried approach to avoid any unwanted or sudden actions. This is a time to create a calm place in the center of a chaotic energy. This is the advice that my guides have passed and delivered unto me on this beautiful Saturday and I wanted and was urged to communicate this with as many people as my light could touch.

I hope that the advice given today based off the energies of my cards where able to bring clarity into exactly what’s going on during this time. If you have any comments or questions I ask that you leave them below. I am so interested in hearing your thoughts on this article.

Love & Light,

Teri Taylor

Heavenly Butterfly Boutique

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