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Natural Winter Remedies

Winter is slowly approaching and we here at Heavenly Butterfly Boutique are all about natural Holistic healing remedies. So this article we are sharing our natural effective home remedies to get you through this bug season with ease. This winter solution is sure to keep away that nasty cold & cough

Items you need

•Mason Jar

•Apple Cider Vinegar/Vinegar

•10 Garlic Cloves peeled

•Raw Organic Honey

Put 10 garlic cloves in mason jar, pour vinegar in a mason jar just enough to cover the garlic slightly.

Store the jar of garlic and vinegar in a dark, dry area for 12 weeks-

After 12 week pour the vinegar out of the jar but leave just a little bit in the jar (1 teaspoon) and pour honey over the garlic cloves, still with just a little Vinegar in the jar. Store the jar away for another 12 weeks.

After the 12 weeks take 1-2 teaspoon(s) a day.

The best time to prepare this tonic is right before the cold and flu season, this allows time for the 24 weeks it has to prepare and it will ensure you’ll be prepared before the winter season to fight any illness(s) that may be lurking ready to attack. Remember the thing with fighting bugs and illnesses, is catching it right at the first sign of illness. I use this remedy frequently and this remedy is said to fight against type 2 diabetes to start the reversal process.

This tonic can be taken before cold & flu season to protect against any bug attacks, or it can be taken right when you feel a cold coming on.

Remember in cases of emergency to always seek medical attention.

I am not a medical doctor, it’s still important to see a licensed physician.

Let us know your winter bug remedies, we would love to hear your natural bug cures!

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