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Monday’s Message


Reconnecting with your true nature

Bright Blessings,

The women pictured on the card has had a very long and difficult journey on a search for happiness that she failed to find. Tired and confused she gives up, and goes to her inner sanctuary where a place in her heart lights up and she discovers deep peace. She reconnects with herself by letting go of her superficial life, she reflects on her past and is able to see the truth of all that’s fake and all that’s real. Her heart is forever grateful that she has returned. The past few months you have steered off course and you have gradually lost sight of what’s important and without even realizing it, you have lost touch with the true you. This is a time to reconnect with your true inner child. Look within yourself and that’s where you will rediscover the magic.


My sanctuary is a space of light inside my heart

I find peace and contentment within

my heart reveals my truth

my heart reflects the real me

My heart guides me.

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