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Monday’s Message

Purification (Fire)

Bare Essentials, The Naked Truth, Wholeness

Bright Blessings,

Today’s message is so beautiful and yet easy to remember- Anything in life you have to work towards, having a positive mind set is great to have but it’s not all that is required. If you have a dream you must work towards making that success a reality, what is it that your heart truly desires. What do you perceive is missing in your life? In order for you to find the answers you must look inside your heart. Whatever fears you hold, you just release and face them head on. Something in your life isn’t working out for you as you would have hoped it to, and this won’t get better until you face it. Close your eyes for a moment and just relax, imagine a gorgeous flame burning away all your fears. Imagine a purifying light surrounding you, protecting you and warning your heart and soul. And as the light gets brighter it’s healing your mind and body and clearing all obstacles out of your way. Feel the peace that it brings and remember you are safe in this eternal light. Now listen, what is your heart saying? If it brings a tear to your eyes, you can be for sure that it’s the truth. Your soul is going to guide you to happiness, all you need to do is follow your heart and trust that your being navigated to where you will truly be happy. This is the perfect time to do your can’t rely on people or material things to bring your heart & Soul happiness. You have to research your heart & Soul and actually listen to find out what will satisfy them both and once you open up to listening, the answers will become so clear. Meditation is a beautiful gift that we can all use in our lives!


I listen to my heart and follow its guidance

I deserve to be happy

I have power to create my reality

I trust that all will Work out well

My life is clear of obstacles

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Love & Light

Spiritual Butterfly🦋

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