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Monday’s Meditation Mantra

Chosen Limits

There are limitations that are imposed on our lives, weather it’s through family, the universe or by ourselves. We have gotten comfortable with the limitations that have been set for us. The time to let go of limiting beliefs is NOW! The only thing sometimes that stands in our way, is ourselves and the limits we have allowed to become imposed on us.

Stop worrying about what others will say about you and surround yourself with people who want to see you do great, and who push you to be you great all while accepting everything about you.

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Planning for the Future in the Present

As we strive to be our better selves, we will struggle getting used to the change that takes place in our current life’s situations. The important thing during this time, is that we get to know ourselves deeply on a profound level. This is a time of reflection, so make sure you are projecting onto the world what you want to manifest back into your life.

Trust in Your Journey

As this is a time for communication a part of a healthy balance for communication would be trust! Trusting in your intuition, in yourself and in your progress/journey. Living in your truth is also another, so if your falling a little short in the area of communication this would be a great area to bring focus to. Trusting in your journey and trusting in your intuition as The Fool trusts in his/hers always keeps the fool safe and free of all the limitations that life imposes on us humans.

Trust in yourself and trust in the guidance of your intuition, it’s through trust that you will gain a clearer insight on your journey. This is a part of your growth!

❤Weekly Meditation Mantra❤

Every Monday we encourage you to meditate,reconnect, and show gratitude to every living thing around you. Its also a great practice to write down some things you are grateful for as a weekly ritual.

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