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Monday’s Magical Meditation Mantra

Open to New Opportunities

Now that we have shed what no longer serves us, we can start learning how to be more receptive and open for new opportunities and energies to manifest into our lives and current situations.

Gratitude is one of the ways to becoming more receptive for new opportunities.

Positive Mindset

Keeping a positive mind set has always possessed a higher frequency charge, than any negative thought, intention or feeling. Although it seems that negativity is easily achievable over positive, this is truly mistaken by so many. The mind has been trained to think the worst in disastrous situations. This is where having a positive mind set can change the course of so much, making positive outcomes much more reachable. Know that nothing happens by coincidence, there is no such thing as coincidences. Everything happens for a reason, if there is anything I have learned in my time here on Earth it would be, that everything and everyone has a purpose. Be grateful of all the blessings and lessons, so that you are able to move at full force, and agility, into a brighter positive future.

The Choices of Our Present

The choices that we make now during our present will mold the outcomes of our immediate future and distant future, so choose with trust in yourself and know that you have not been lead this far to get thrown back. Don’t allow yourself to get so comfortable, that your looking back at what you should be releasing and miss the opportunity in front of you. Be grateful for the lesson in the now closing door, and move forward with faith and love.

❤Weekly Meditation Mantra❤

Every Monday we encourage you to meditate,reconnect, and show gratitude to every living thing around you. Its also a great practice to write down some things you are grateful for as a weekly ritual.

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