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Mercury Retrograde Tips/Weekly Forecast

Bright Blessing Butterflies,

I hope all of you are having a great week thus far! I am enjoying the magical workings of this week and I want to share the blessings and love with each one of my amazing butterflies! Today I am covering the forecast for the mercury retrograde along with giving you all a few tips to help make it a breeze to go through. I know things have been pretty unpredictable like the weather has these past few weeks, so I am attempting to make the next few weeks a lot easier to cope with.  

March 21, 2018- We are going through a shift right now, so a lot will be changing, and I of all people know how change is difficult for most of us. However we have got to learn to adjust otherwise we only make change difficult for us to process through. This is something we must do better at and try to stay out of the way of. Some of us try so hard to jump in the way of change, by controlling things that we truly have no control over. If this is you this article is just for you. If your one that adjusts to change very well, this article is still good for you to read, I am going to give you a blue print of things that are going to take place in the next coming weeks, and how to navigate through them with tips to help you and many others on this new shift. 

A lot of the goals we have set out to do will be achieved, but this isn’t a time to play around on the trip there. Keep FOCUS this is the time your gonna need it most, there will be a few distractions set in your path to take your mind away from what it truly needs to be focused on. Any big projects coming up or that you are working on, keep your focus strictly on that. I know we have responsibilities and I am by no means telling you to loose sight on your responsibilities, I’m merely suggesting scheduling yourself better, time is something none of us can get back, but timing is very much key during this time. No one can be in a million places at one time, the mind can, however this is what we are trying to prevent and avoid. Keep your focus at work, while your at work and nothing more. Don’t allow the argument you had last night, to invade your space and mind at work. Meditation is a very useful tool to use during this time, take 5-15 mins daily to meditate and clear your head of any left over baggage, so that your not carrying this luggage with you to work or anywhere else your needed. This will ensure your giving your all to your goals and dreams. Say positive things and affirmations to yourself daily, not everyone can ride a positive frequency, but this is what separates you from the rest. That you are able to remain positive through all the negative things that may be surrounding you. (work, relationships, friendships, family, etc). This is a time where you will be seeing a lot of relationship problems (break ups, arguments, etc.) Dont allow this to dim your light, not everyone is meant to travel your journey with you. Some aren’t made for the blessings that are ahead, if someone wants to leave, allow them. There is a great healing that is about to take place, and this healing provides so many new opportunities. Some people are here for a season and nothing more, you have picked up and learned from them what you needed to. Now its time to start seeing how far your growth has come. Don’t attempt to change what is created to make you a better you. Welcome this change with open arms, and gratitude.  

Stay away from the news! I say this far too much, I know how natural it can feel to want to see what’s going on around you. But if I’m gonna be honest, I will be deeply honest about this one. The news is so negative and misleading these days. The news puts you on a frequency where negativity is always lingering to attach itself to you. I preach this as well that the mind is a very powerful weapon, anything its taught it can and will adapt to.  The news lowers the frequencies for greater attacks on you and your mind, we pick up and adapt to so many tunes and frequencies daily watching the news. Just to name a few (fear, sadness, pain, anger.) All of these emotions are triggered when you watch the news, so much that when you speak to someone your always discussing the tragic story that you seen on the news and how furious it made you, sparking up emotions in you that you previously didn’t feel before. This is the reason I recommend letting go of the news. This is a time to keep your frequency well raised, participate in a Reiki or Crystal healing treatment to help keep your frequency lifted during this time. Trust in your journey and that it has lead you this far for a reason, know that you have been lead to this space and time for a reason. There is a marriage with spirit and matter, your spirit communicates with you frequently. It leads you in your journey all the time, its just a matter of silencing your mind to hear what it is saying (peace be still). In silence is where you truly find all the answers. Doing this will result in some very promising and positive rewards. 

There is very positive news you will receive during this time, this is a very positive time right now and it’s important that we remain positive during this time. The universe gives back exactly what you put out, and if your expecting positive to come to you. That means you have been giving positive energy to the universe and all around you. All our goals can and will be achieved its just up to us to trust in our journey and to transmute positive radiant vibes during this time. This is a time to make your wish and your wishes are at an all time high to becoming answered. Think through all decisions before just making them, really focus on what it is your heart and soul truly desire and from there go with it. Trust your intuition, beautiful things begin to happen when you trust. If you have trust issues this is a time to bury them, yes having trust issues may have saved you from some unworthy people, but it can also keep you away from some great people and opportunities. Don’t allow this to be your story, trust in your intuition and your journey. Allow those who are trying to help you, to provide you with the help.  

I hope this week’s forecast helps you, to start welcoming blessings and positive outcomes into your life! 

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Love & Light

Teri T. 

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