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Mercury Retrograde July 2018

Hello Butterflies!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but every now and again I like to pop my head in and give a few insights! This month has been amazing for me and the Heavenly Butterfly Boutique team!

We just moved into our new business location and nothing is more exciting such as a significant move. We have really been taking advantage of this productive, positive energy. Now most of you already know from reading my previous blogs that when Mercury Retrograde comes around it’s all a time of accidents and such. But according to how you work with this “clumsy” energy will determine how you survive this period. This mercury retrograde will last a total of 3 weeks from July 26-August 19. So during this time communication is key, communication entails listening as well. Staying focused and paying attention to all around you. Your passion and commitment to doing these things will prove to be much more successful during this time. It’s very important that you ride the wave and not fight against it, this usually leads to failed attempts. Bring your goals and personal mission into alignment with what’s best for all around us. Leo gives off leadership energy, so this is a time to tame off your fiery side. Instead listen and reflect on what’s going on around you, take the time to in turn to reflect on yourself., self- reflection is the key to healing. So once you feel that moment of everything going wrong, your computer crashes, or drama surrounds you. It’s time to get in alignment with your higher good. It’s important to in turn take the steps to help prevent these disasters. Here are a few ways you can ride the wave and not against it:

  1. Stay positive! That’s the first thing to do! Fight negativity/lower frequency energies with higher frequencies/positive ones

  2. Meditate during this time and trust your intuition.

  3. Back up your computers, phones, data, projects, etc.

  4. Check your tires & have them rotated before traveling.

  5. Double check before making any turns at lights and stops signs.

  6. Double check behind yourself, (so you don’t loose things, or have errors in your work or projects.

  7. Keep your charger for your electronics.

  8. Possess a double listening ear during this time, because insight or wisdom to help you level up may come in the form of discussion or conversation.

  9. Don’t try anything new- new projects, new contracts. Focus on things that you can re-do or review. (renew contracts, or commitments, re-unite with old friends, redecorate your room, rekindle things).

  10. Review any contracts you sign.

  11. Mercury retrograde can send old past lovers back into your path for closure, it’s not always meant to re-kindle things.

  12. If you were born under ‘Mercury’s wing then things will be better for you, more than likely you will thrive in areas you usually fail in during this time. To find out if you were born under Mercury retrograde you’ll need to have a Natal Chart completed. (You can get your Natal Chart Here!

  13. Rise above your problems during this time, put a plan or intent in motion to do the following things to avoid any accidents or disasters.

  14. I wish you all many blessings and hope that you receive your spiritual level up to get to your next goal.

  15. Enjoy Leo season!

  16. Namaste-

  17. Teri Taylor

  18. Heavenly Butterfly Boutique

  19. 5200 Park Rd, Ste 213-D

  20. Charlotte, NC 28209

  21. Ph: (980) 237-1088

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