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Mercury Retrograde Forecast

Bright Blessings Butterflies,                                                         


We are in a very spiritual insightful time right now, I know you can all feel the energy that is transmitting through and around the universe. During this time its gonna be super imperative that you follow your intuitions, heal and inspire others and yourself, focus on your spiritual development. My number one goal is to provide you with only the tools you need to get you through this time safely and more spiritually conscious and aware than you have ever been before. With Mercury retrograde just passing March 22,2018 we can still feel it’s effects days even weeks later. So this is where you may face a lot of inconveniences this is what I have been warning so many people about in previous forecasts. Not all signs reacts to the power of Mercury the same, that’s why it’s all the more important to follow your intuition firstly. You know the first answer that signals to your brain, not to do something. Like taking a test and forgetting the answer and your first instinct kicks in and sets in on the correct answer? Now there are cases where the first instincts has kicked in, but it wasn’t followed. This is NOT a time to do this, this is a time to trust yourself and know that the next steps you take, leads to a new chapter in your book of life. Your soul wants you to listen and be receptive to change, understand that you can’t prevent change from happening, you just have to flow and allow yourself to shed like a serpent changes it skin. Evolve and allow growth to take place, be patient and loving all at the same time! There is nothing more positive and more powerful than that, Today is also a great day  to get in touch with your emotions, being cooperative and patient, and connecting with others. Know and understand that there is love all around you, but in order to see it, you have to believe it and by believing it you naturally exude it. By showing these things your showing gratitude to The Gaia, our Mother Earth and the universe takes this in, and releases it back onto you and your life. Stop and smell the flowers, take things a little slower, don’t be so quick to react during this time, think everything through before making an irrational decision. Keep your head high no matter how hard you feel things are getting. If you feel it, believe it, and  know it. You can manifest it! That’s truly where I believe the saying “When it rains, it pours”.  Well typically if you feel bad and feel like your having a bad day, remember. You feel it, you believe it, you know it? Those are all the emotions you usually feel when you just know/feel your having a bad day. You spoke it in to existence and now like a domino effect your manifesting negative effects into your life and situation. The key is to detox your mind of any and all negative thoughts from your mind. Replace it with positive thoughts, try things that help transition your mind into changing the frequency of which it thinks on.

  1. Yoga

  2. Affirmations

  3. Meditation

  4. Getting out in nature

  5. Crystals

  6. Seeing someone certified in this field

  7. Reiki

  8. Crystal Therapy

These are just a few thins you can participate in and use to get your mind on a positive wave length. I will also explain most of the signs and the relationship that specific sign has with Mercury. As well as give you tips on things you can do during this time, to make this journey a blessed one.

Mercury & Aries– This is a strong relationship probably a very powerful one for Mercury because Aries is aggressive and brilliant and has a strong link to intelligence. You tend to be witty, outspoken, and very original.  You have a strong and sharp edge to your conversation and a sarcastic tone that can be biting and sometimes funny. You also have a very high expressive language and throw a lot of slang into your speech. You exaggerate, an Aries-Mercury makes you impatient, eager, to get things done and wanting your way in the process.  You can be argumentative and tactless, your fond of both speaking and writing.

Suggestions for getting through this time– DO NOT be ready to attack, try to be understanding and patient during this time. Leave the know it all attitude in the closet, if you love writing and speaking make sure your mindful of what you say and you truly think of others feelings during this time. Don’t exaggerate anything, and turn off the sarcasm. Double check and proofread anything you sign, write or publish.

Mercury & Taurus– As a Taurus in Mercury you truly will not embark on any situation without truly being prepared. You have a practical, stable and constructive mind. There is a rigidity to your intellect, you are quite sure your opinions are the wisest and you have little use for what others think. You have an excellent memory and are a good observer, but you are apt to listen inattentively: since you’re not about to change your mind, why listen to what someone else has to say?  You also have a tendency to repeat yourself, to state what you’ve usually said over again in a different term, usually to make sure everyone has gotten the point. Although you are sociable and attractive, and have a certain refinement about your manners, you’re a bit shy with strangers.

Suggestions for getting through this time– Let go of the “Know it all attitude” someone may get offended during this time. Actually take the time to listen, be respectful and understanding when someone is truly telling you what’s on there mind. Don’t give them the conversation of how you know it all, and don’t compare your situations as if you never get things wrong. DO NOT REPEAT YOURSELF Otherwise you may make others feel like they are incompetent and hard of hearing. Actively communicate and refrain from toxic conversations. Get out and meet new people this is a great time for new beginnings.

Mercury & Gemini– If you are Gemini, its hard to pin you down. You have a quicksilver duality to your mind. You tend to change opinions quickly based on the latest news your listening to. You often hold down more than 1 job  or you work on several different projects at once. Your extremely quick, versatile, interested in the world at large, you live mostly on a mental plane. You must have facts and information; your good at math and love to read, study, travel and talk to new people about what you think. You always know a bit of everything.

Suggestions for getting through this time: Slow Down! Don’t take on too much, stop and smell the flowers, don’t be so quick to make a choice just because you heard it, research it. If you have any tests, projects, etc. Look over everything make sure all your T’s are crossed and you’ve dotted all your i’s. This is a time to be cautious of all that you do to avoid any inconveniences. This is a good time for you!

Mercury & Cancer– As a native of Mercury this is likely to be a very promising time for you. You are sensitive to what others think about you. You have an upmost 6th sense intuition and pick up on signals from all around you. You believe that if we had to depend on only our eyes we would see very little. You are chameleon like in the way you are able to adapt yourself to different kinds of people . You are a bit narrow minded, but others would need to be as psychic as you to discern this.

Suggestions to get you through this time: Don’t allow yourself to be overly sensitive during this time. Turn the sensitivity down and use your sensitivity for only your psychic sense of feeling and seeing things. Trust your intuition, and trust in yourself.

Mercury & Leo: Mercury bestows a gift for eloquence and skill of leading others for Leo. You have a magnetic flair for dealing with people. Your a superb organizer who knows how to direct, manage and control. You can be boastful, arrogant, and bombastic; and if things don’t go your way your fiery temper may ignite. But basically you have such a kind heart and sunny disposition that people usually forgives you. Though you would rather play than work, you are determined to be successful. You have enthusiasm and sometimes get caught up in a project you ignore everything else.

Suggestions to get you through this time: Be cautious and aware of all that you say and do during this time, be considerate and patient with others as this is a highly sensitive time for most. Double check and proofread all things you write and or publish to avoid a misunderstanding. Communicate your thoughts and feeling effectively, honestly and with understanding and respect for everyone involved. Don’t rush your work, put your all into all you do during this time. Don’t allow yourself to be easily distracted, and spread yourself evenly without rushing yourself to meet those expectations.

Mercury & Virgo: Mercury is gonna require that you do a bit of self reflection and have a little self awareness. We already know that Virgo likes to be in control, but not while Mercury is in charge! Mercury will not allow it. Accept that some of your electronics will act a bit crazy and that the energies around you will not bend during this time. Don’t make any promises that you’ll regret later. Let go of that passive aggressive behaviour, you could reach your breaking point during this time so proceed during these 3 weeks with caution.

Mercury & Libra: Okay Libra, we see you! You spend too much time worrying yourself with things that you should have been said and got off your chest. But for some reason never did, cause you wanna keep everyone happy. Well Mercury isn’t about to be your friend during this time, it’s probably gonna bring a great deal of hell your way. The most important thing is you shouldn’t beat yourself up about this, look at things from a different perspective. You can’t make everyone happy, if you think you were out here to make other happy. Your in for a rude awaking during this time. This is gonna be a time that meditation is gonna be your best friend.Suggestions to getting you through this time: Start by stop trying to please everyone, don’t dwell on the past and don’t try to think about past trash (lol) leave it there. People from the past are gonna pop up for all zodiacs during this time, but that doesn’t mean to rekindle things. Let that hurt go, instead of dwelling on the past, try to find closure from it. It isn’t you, is the most important thing to remember.

Mercury & Scorpio: Mercury isn’t gonna allow you to get far or much done, things are gonna be a bit slower for you than usual. You may even feel like you take 1 step to get knocked back 2. It’s gonna be hella frustrating for you during this time. Remember “Self- Care”& “Self-Reflection” these 2 things will be of high importance for you during this time. Your boss/co workers may become a pain in your ass. Plans may not fall into place because people are gonna be indecisive. Don’t spend Unnecessary money, because money is gonna be a bit slower for you. So if you wanna purchase something new wait until the retrograde has passed. Back up everything your working on- files, your phone, etc. Review all your work before submitting it.

Mercury & Sagittarius: You have a natural go with the flow energy, so you will adjust to the retrograde a lot quicker than others. It’s important that you listen to your intuition during this time and exercise a great deal of patience. Don’t start anything during this time, it will only result in disappointment. Instead work on projects and goals you’ve already been working on or trying to reach.

Mercury & Capricorn: Mercury retrograde is the perfect time for you to think about taking a much needed break or vacation around your normal day to day routines. If you don’t wanna take a trip a good ol movie day inside on the couch maybe just the thing you need to perk back up. This is a good time for you to start changing any passwords or privacy settings on your private things.

Mercury & Aquarius: Okay Aquarius now is not the time for you to unintentionally sabotage things. Remember this is a time for communication so you should watch what you say. You have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. Re-think your communication tactics during this time, otherwise things can back fire pretty rapidly. Consider maybe taking a break from things that require working around other. Take this as some quiet time. You may experience some misunderstanding and delays during this time. You might end up shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t find patience and work on your communication.

Mercury & Pisces: Pisces SLOW DOWN! Mercury is hear to sit you down somewhere, it’s important that you Focus and on one thing at a time. You may end up doing some inappropriate things that you will later regret if you don’t slow down and pay attention. Get plenty of rest during this time. Back up and any electronic data. Try not to multi task and take on too much during this time, don’t start any new projects either.

This is gonna be a huge time of inconvenience for you, so it’s easier if you prepare for it instead of fighting against the tide.

These are all of the signs and suggestions for Mercury Retrograde no matter what your sign is, you can all use the tips provided to help and smoothly transition you into this most spiritual phase. Whenever you feel lost and uninspired you can follow me. My goal is to help elevate your state of consciousness and awareness to its highest state of understanding. I hope todays article has helped you in some way, and I hope that you will to continue to follow your journey to self awareness and spiritual insight.

Love & Light

Teri T.

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