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Mercury Retrograde 2020!

If you had the chance to read my previous blogs, you are very aware of what mercury retrograde is and just what that means for us here down on Earth. Mercury will go into retrograde this year right after valentines day. On February 17th 2020 this a good time to use this energy to confront any obstacles in your way and that maybe holding you back. Give up any of those nasty bad habits you may have and remove yourself from any unhealthy situations. It's time to reflect, review and clearly communicate your boundaries, or end those toxic relationships. It's time to unburden yourself of regrets, grudges, anger and guilt. Get the closure you need by speaking honestly to anyone you have any unresolved issues with. Forgiving others and yourself will be essential for you during this time. Apologize to anyone you may have wronged or hurt feelings, so that you can move past the issue with no regrets. Banishing rituals are amazing ways to use this energy to get rid of any negative energy surrounding you, toxic emotions and toxic people. To learn more about rituals and spells visit


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