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Mala Meditation Beads

Mala beads are used in sacred practices and are very popular for meditation. A traditional mala necklace has 108 beads (sometimes this varies) with 1 extra bead on the end, this is called a Guru bead. Mala beads are an excellent start to beginning your spiritual journey, I started my journey using mala beads and they work tremendously well for meditation and manifesting your intentions and desires. By using or simply wearing them brings a great sense of comfort and peace.

Reminding you of your goals, intentions, and the energy you want to manifest. Mala jewelry can come in all colors and bead type-depending on the energy you need or desire. Once you have a intention in mind you begin your meditation while holding your mala jewelry, now you mantra your intention while moving your finger along each bead. This literally in my opinion  really speaks your intention into existence, they help keep your focus right where you want it to be. After all this is how you manifest all the things you desire, keeping your mind trained to obtaining your actual most high goals. They have worked so well in my life, I decided to make & sale them! If you are someone who is new to meditation or you just need help focusing during meditation and clearing your mind. This is a good tool to use and to start with, it makes meditation for any level of expertise effective.

Mala Necklace

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