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Living in a World Where Misery Loves Company

Bright Blessings,

I know all to well how hard it is to stay elevated in the world we live in. This planet has become so diluted with negative energy, no matter how positive you try to remain those diluted energies always seem to attract themselves to your beautiful bright light. Lately I have been plagued with the self reflections of myself and the world we live in. That saying “misery loves company” is an accurate one. It’s even become more revealing these days working through social media, and I find myself feeling my light dim. Don’t think for a second just because I am a light worker unwanted energies doesn’t attract themselves to me, they do and it almost feels as if they have a point to prove. Every time I get on social media to post topics in reference to my services & products I some how get caught into trying to read into others topics and whatever energies they were feeling at the time of the post, seems like those same feelings they had I began to feel. I have found myself having reflections on my life, where I hope to be and who I hope to share the new found me with. I have even found myself super protective over my energies til the point of complete solitude. I have even become so consumed with life in general.

I have even stopped answering personal calls from anyone other than family. It seems like everyone I speak with that’s a “friend” calls with there issues and stresses some are so negative I can’t bare to hear anymore. It feels like they wanna release there negative issues on me to make the load lighter on themselves. There is only one thing I can think of when this happens “Energy Vampires” you know the ones that don’t know they are energy suckers. The ones that wanna pull you into that same place they are in. The ones that say “I love your energy”, “Your energy is amazing” yet there energy is stagnant. Not once offering any vibrant and nurturing energy back. During this time you have to stay lit and elevated, if not the darkness will consume every bit of you. Vampires don’t know when to stop, they keep draining life until you say it’s enough. I keep telling myself it’s okay to be selfish with my energy, and it is okay. Love yourself enough to know when you have had enough. This planet has been plagued with fear and negativity so much that even the ones who try to make it bright are constantly attacked. Stay elevated-Vibrate higher and take time out in solitude and seclusion to get you back bright. Be protective over your energy and if someone just doesn’t fit, it’s okay to be choosey. Always remain loving and know when to apply tough love. I think I will apply this tough love to my thoughts as well. I have been keeping others entertained extremely too much. It’s time for a much needed vacation out of there. Be protective over you!

Love & Light,

Spiritual Butterfly

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