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Live Tarot Readings

I will be hosting The Live Tarot Readings Heavenlybutterflyonline on Facebook, so for those of you that are wondering it will not be held here. It will be a CLOSED event. Only those subscribed an who RSVP’D will ONLY HAVE ACCESS! Again this a paid subscription to THE LIVE TAROT READINGS. I’m unsure of the next time I will be Hosting an event like this! So RSVP before Sunday, Jan 29,2017 at 3pm-6pm. The session will end, when I have read the last tarot for the last subscriber. Once I see all the subscribers have logged in, the session will begin! If you are late…I will not be responsible for you missing your slot…Once you all have subscribed I will send you an email to confirm your spot…NO GAMES…THIS IS SERIOUS AND I TAKE MY WORK SERIOUS! I ask that you respect everyone in all my sessions. Profanity and other negative energy isn’t allowed…I ask that you do not discuss anything prior to the tarot reading. I want to give you a full, authentic reading. NO DISTRACTIONS!!!! My tarot reading’s are nothing more then WARNING…You will not get a date or time or even how you will die in my tarot readings. Don’t come looking for this…I don’t do those types of readings…What resonates with you, is usually what you should read more into. Nothing MORE! All of my readings are accurate… I am 100% positive you will leave this event with a new outlook on things… NOTHING I DO IS SATANIC! I DO NOT PRACTICE THAT! Again, my tarot reading’s are a mere warning…a different way to approach things and a different way to navigate through those warnings. Thank you!

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